In the game of golf, a great finishing holes may offer a wide range of risks, supreme challenges, myriads of reward options, historical impact, or stunning aesthetics. However, a legendary one offers a combination of these things.

A finishing hole does not make it to the top 10 merely because it is action-packed and difficult (as might be the case for Bay Hill, Doral, Blue Monster, or Carnoustie), or simply because it is iconic in some other ways (for example, Merion, Riviera, or Olympic Hill). Rather, it demands something more to be regarded as the greatest finishing hole of all time. The finishing holes that indubitably rank the highest in any list are as follows.  

Pebble Beach 543 Yards, Par 5 (Pebble Beach, California)

You may find more dramatic or tougher finishing holes in the world, but none of them get your pulse racing as Pebble Beach does. Swerving along the Carmel Bay, the 18th at Pebble Beach has become one of the finest finishing holes today, much more impressive than it used to be for decades.

Tree hazards in the heart of the landing area, gigantic bunkers, and crashing waves from the Pacific Ocean are the major hurdles off this tee. The beauty is indeed overwhelming, but it is the strategy that elevates the finishing hole. You will have a hard time determining how close do you want to play to the water. You can also enjoy this amazing golf course in The Golf Club 2019

Kapalua, Plantation Course 668 Yards, Par 5 (Lahaina, Hawaii)

The sheer vastness of the course is frightening. But the finishing hole can be reached in two well-struck shots, as it simply plays downwind and downhill. The breathtaking tee-box panorama takes in a wildly-sloping, extra-wide fairway.

Beyond the impeccable greens, the giant waves of the Pacific Ocean beckons. But a mistimed hook or overly aggressive draw might find the hazard. The unique terrain and the genius design of the current layout elevate the finishing hole to significantly rarified air.  

Old Course 361 Yards, Par 4 (St. Andrews, Scotland)

By definition, there is hardly anything to suggest greatness on this finishing hole. The landing area is almost as large as a football field, with slightly smaller green and no bunker. But the sheer panoramic beauty of the finishing hole makes it an all-time great. The hole, commonly known as “Tom Morris” echoes history spanning over centuries.  

Shadow Creek 564 yards, Par 5 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

A Tom Fazio classic, Shadow Creek demonstrates that with imagination and resources, nothing is beyond accomplishment. Conjured from a flat, featureless desert, Shadow Creek emerged as a true golf oasis.

The elevated tee, water hazards, and a long narrow green surrounded by pine trees, grassy hills, and blooming flowers will leave the most adept golfers scrambling for the right angles.  

Pine Valley 483 Yards, Par 4 (Pine Valley, New Jersey)

Pine Valley is regarded as one of the greatest finishing holes in the world for its lasting impression. It will linger in your memory long after you have played the 18th.

It echoes the virtues of a perfect layout and demands powerful carries over the scrub and sand. This amazing course is also available in the best golf simulator software “The Golf Club 2019”