The ultimate goal of anyone swinging the golf ball out on the course is simple, hit the ball right and lower your score. Of course, we all want to hit it better. But your individual skill will not always get you all the way. A lot rides on the external factors like the yardage, weather condition, the lie of the course, etc. So, you either play with an infinitely knowledgeable caddie or have a round-by-round statistical database ready for the entire game.

None of the options seems feasible for most of us. But that does not mean you cannot get the assistance. Thanks to golf swing analyzers, now you can get all that much-needed information with a single tap on your phone screen. These compact, affordable gadgets help you practice more efficiently. They can really assist you in understanding the game better and maneuver your swings appropriately. More so, they can give you precise pointers so as to identify where you need to put more effort in. Read on to know which are the best golf swing analyzers and why so that you can choose the right item for yourself. 

Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracking System (With Across Caddie)

Perhaps the bestselling golf swing analyzer in 2021 is Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracker. It has been helping golfers of all experience and skill levels better their game since it first came out in 2016. The fact that this has won the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for the Best Game Analyzer of 2017 establishes its efficiency even further. It comes with 14 high-powered sensors to help you with the game analysis.

Just attach them with every club in your kit and get tons of valuable information that can dramatically transform your game. Moreover, the Tour Analytics feature of the device will break every round down to approaching, driving, chipping, and putting, showing your strengths and weaknesses. The highlight of the Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracker, however, is the dedicated Arccos Caddie feature. This cutting-edge feature has been developed in partnership with Microsoft, so rest assured about its accuracy and performance.

The feature does not only help analyze the game on the course, but it also offers an optimal strategy for hitting every shot no matter which hole in the world you are playing. It also comes with impressive rangefinder capabilities with access to over 40,000 courses.

Blast Golf Swing And Stroke Analyzer

Blast Golf Swing And Stroke Analyzer is another bestselling golf swing analyzer available today. The trusted device is used by many notable tour professionals and coaches for PGA, LPGA, Champions, European, and tours. It comes with impressive Blast sensors that attach at the end of your clubs and provides you precise, impeccable information that you can leverage to improve your shots. They are lightweight, portable, and very easy to use.

With the natural motion capture incorporated in the sensors, you can easily roll the putts or swing your club freely, without having to worry about complex technology. It also features Smart Video Capture, which helps you record all your shots to review later. However, what makes this swing analyzer unique is its putting analysis and training guide. Unlike most swing analyzers, it does not just focus on full swings but also assists you in putting practice.