The Fitness Golf Simulation software, or simply known as Fitness Golf, released exclusively for SkyTrak simulator has revolutionized the idea of digital golfing for prospective golfers all over the world.

The main idea behind Fitness Golf is the ability to physically reach your shot before you can hit it again, allowing players to get aerobic exercise, something that has never been thought of before. 

If you have a SkyTrak launch monitor and wish of enjoying a healthy aerobic routine in the comfortable confines of your home, you will find Fitness Golf to be one of your finest friends. 

So, How’s The Compatibility Of Fitness Golf With Different Simulators?

As of now, Fitness Golf is compatible only with the SkyTrak simulator, limited exclusively for the PC. According to Fitness Golf’s official website it is suggested that your PC have the following requirements to run it smoothly:

Minimum Requirements:

  • A Windows 7/8.1/10 (64 or 32 bit) Operating System.
  • Intel Core i5, i7 or an equivalent Processor.
  • At least 8 GB Ram.
  • Nvidia GTX 670 /OR AMD 7850 With 2GB or Better Graphic cards.
  • Version 11 DirectX.
  • Broadband Internet Connection.
  • HDD 40GB

What Features Does Fitness Golf Offer?

The Fitness Golf incredible features include,

  • Admirable graphics
  • Over 161 courses, 98 of them based on famous courses.
  • Incredible ball-flight and drag physics
  • Multiplayer gaming with over four local players.
  • Ability to save games and replays
  • Easy to install with a single purchase without constant renewals
  • Gives the luxury of practicing range, chipping, and putting in 13 different viewing angles
  • Users can design their own custom golf course using a special editor.

What About Graphics?

The graphics of Fitness Golf are commendable but they do suffer from the occasional poor scaling and low backdrop resolution. However, they do not drain the gaming experience and remain enjoyable regardless. While it can be played with a default SkyTrak, accessories like treadmills and sensors can be incorporated to make the experience more enriching and healthier, bringing you into better shape with your favorite sport.

With the ability to create your own map using the provided map editor, Fitness Golf offers limitless customization as you can bring your imagination to life within the software.

Like other simulation programs, it is suggested that you hook your display to a good projector for an amazingly clear picture, enhancing your immersive gameplay by a notch.

So, Is It Worth the Money?

With a one-time purchase placed under 500$, Fitness Golf allows golfers to gain the aerobic exercise previously only accessible in an actual real-life golf course.  

By introducing gamification to your home with a healthy addition, Fitness Golf allows you to increase your golfing skills while getting in better shape, a rare luxury to have together in your home.

So, if you want a healthier but digital experience on your SkyTrak, Fitness Golf, with its unique capability of helping you live healthier lives, is what you should be looking for