The TruGolf brand is well-known among golf lovers seeking the most authentic in-game thrills. Modern manufacturing techniques are used to create their items, making them as authentic as practicing the game on an actual fairway. To accommodate various demands and price ranges, the firm provides a broad variety of simulator types and bundles. High-quality visuals and precise ball dynamics further enhance the sense of immersion. One of the most cost-effective solutions that yet offers an exceptional degree of precision and authenticity is the TruGolf Vista 8 Series of simulators. Their small size makes them ideal for golfers who don’t need a lot of space to enjoy the game.

Two TruGolf golf simulators that are both inexpensive and feature-rich

The TruGolf Vista Series golf simulators with the greatest pricing are the Vista 8 and Vista 8 PRO models. The Vista 8 Series is the most compact when compared to its more sophisticated cousins, measuring 9’W x 12’D x 8’H. Every TruGolf Vista device requires a space that is no less than 15’W x 20’D x 10’H in measurements, while boasting a minimal footprint. The 114 square inch projector panel for the Vista 8 variant has a 4:3 diagonal proportion. This equipment requires a cargo crate with the following measurements: 43″W x 51″L x 48″H, and it weighs 307 lbs.

The TruGolf Level 1 computer, HD 720p projection device, superior fairway, 21″ touch display, and 1-year E6 Connect membership (Basic edition) with 27 featured golf resorts are bundled in the Vista 8 PRO edition. The PC features an Intel i3 processor running at 3.9GHz, an Nvidia GPU, 8GB RAM, and the simulation program E6 Connect pre-installed. However, the Vista 8 BASE model lacks a monitor, a computer for gaming, or grass.

The PRO model comes with features like side netting and an enclosed lip. Because of its compact construction, which doesn’t require any specialized tools for installation or disassembling, it is extremely easy to transport.

TruGolf Vista 8 BASE

  • Size Required: 15’W x 20’D x 10’H 
  • 114-inch diagonal screen
  • Aspect ratio of 4:3
  • Projector in 720p
  • 1 year of E6 CONNECT Basic membership
  • Short throw laser projector with 10,000 lifetime hours. 
  • Includes a special projection housing
  • There is no TruTrack2 tracking system provided.
  • A monitor or turf is not included
  • A limited warranty of one year is offered.

TruGolf Vista 8 PRO

  • Size of the footprint is 9’W by 12’D by 8’H.
  • Size Required: 114″diagonal display, 15’W x 20’D x 10’H
  • Proportion of 4:3
  • 1 year of E6 CONNECT Basic membership
  • Projector: 720p HD
  • a short-throw, 10,000-hour-lasting laser projector with a housing
  • The tracking microprocessor TruTrack2 from TruGolf (Level 1)
  • 21” touch screen
  • One-year warranty
  • Accessories
  • Has a containment top and side netting

Details on ball velocity, launch angle, club head velocity, club route, and club face are provided by TruGolf innovation. The measurement method used by TruGolf enables accurate modeling of elements including ball roll, transport, and contact. The user may change variables like the time of the day, the simulated circuit components, and the kind of climate to get an exact feeling.