Meadow Club can be found on Mt. Tamalpais’ Bon Tempe Meadow. One needs to drive a short distance to reach this popular golf course. It has been identified as the first golf course in North America. It offers an outstanding golf experience that most golfers want to have. It takes pride in its lush green, well-manicured patios, and alluring fairways. If you are dying to have an opportunity to play at this course but the distance is too long for you to drive, then you can try Meadow Club Lidar Alpha.

It is a virtual golf course that has been developed by the Golf Club 2019. It possesses 18 holes. This exciting virtual course is designed by Ahecht415. It helps you improve your decision-making skills, your techniques, and other skills required for playing golf. Sounds great? Then don’t waste your time. Bring this virtual golf course to your home and start enjoying your favorite game.