Shepherd’s Crook (designed by JY) is a new golf simulation game in the market that is exclusively inspired by the Shepherd’s Crook Golf Course in Zion, Illinois, USA. The course contains 18 holes and is fully public. It holds the style of links and has a par and slope value of 71 and 130 respectively. The course is 6827 yards long and has universally been rated 72.1. This golf course was established in 1999 by Keith Foster and Kevin Hargrave. Carts, pull-carts, and clubs are all available on the course along with a golf simulator, indoor practice, and putting green.

Around 97.9% of golfers recommend visiting this golf course as it is considered one of the most premium courses in the world. The location of this course, which is Zion, is worth the drive for any golfer. This course is simply perfect for both beginners and advanced golfers. Most importantly, the course is very smooth and fast. Shepherd’s Crook, introduced by The Golf Club 2019 will provide you with the same experience.