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Callaway EZ Golf Laser Rangefinder

Callaway EZ Golf Laser Rangefinder


The Callaway EZ Laser Rangefinder is a user-friendly rangefinder option for golfers. It comes with the revolutionary P.A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology), making it capable of offering accurate measurements of distance along with remarkable ease-of-use. EZ Mode is a feature that lets users perform flagstick scans for fast fetching of precise distance data even when the device is not steady. The convenient EZ button makes it easy to lock onto a pin.

The combination of P.A.T. and EZ Mode Technologies makes it possible to get a flag reading within a yard of a distance with a single button click. The device comes with an easy-grip and horizontal angle with a strap for support. Users can perform side-to-side scans of the green area to detect the pin distance and get dual views of yardage data on the scope and on an external display. It comes with 5x magnification and is capable of locking onto a flag that is 275 yards in the distance. Golfers can rely on the data provided by the Callaway EZ Laser Rangefinder to easily select the right clubs.

Product Details

  • Improved Stabilization: Horizontal Orientation, EZ Scan Mode, and Support Strap
  • Measurement Range: 5 to 800 yds. (275 yds flag logging)
  • Accuracy Range of +/- 1 yd.
  • Magnification: 5x
  • CR2 3V Li-Ion Battery
  • No Subscription Fees
  • Water-Resistant

Product Features

  • EZ Mode: single click flagstick acquisition
  • A.T. (Pin Acquisition Technology) – pin locking up to 275 yards
  • 5X Magnification with 5-800 yards Range
  • Pinpoint Accuracy of +/– 1 Yard
  • Built-in support strap to reduce shaking
  • Fog and water resistance
  • Magnahold technology for fast access Exterior LCD to help golfers confirm internal distance reading through an external display
  • Landscape scanning for multiple target acquisition
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty