How many times have you wanted to lash your wedges into the bush nearby because you have messed your chip? Too many times, if we are not wrong. And that is normal, even the tour pros scuff their game because of faulty chipping. Let us be honest, there is nothing more heartbreaking than this. This is the reason professionals emphasize the importance of the short game in golf. If you want to master the game, you must work on your chipping and putting skills as much as you do on your driving skills, maybe more at times.

While golf monitors are becoming rapidly popular as indoor training gadgets, most of them do not provide chipping simulations. Moreover, not everyone owns a golf simulator to practice at home. But that does not mean you don’t get to practice your chipping skills. Get yourself a quality chipping net and you can polish your strokes whenever, wherever you want. 

In case you are contemplating investing in one, we recommend Sparkly Strike Golf Chipping Net XL. Not only this brilliant piece of netting helps you practice seamlessly at home, but it is also the best training gadget that helps you improve your accuracy. Read on to know how it can help you sharpen your chipping skills. 

Extra Large Size With Eight Buckets And Four Different Targets

The chipping net is specifically designed to help you improve your accuracy. It comes with multiple targets in different colors. The idea is that you will hit the small targets from different angles and try to chip in. This will help you perfect your shot angles during chipping, as well as the lofts of your shots. Once you hone chipping the ball in from a short distance, you can further practice your shots by standing further back and train for an extended range.

Unique Design

Sparkly Strike Chipping Net is arguably the largest golf chipping bucket available on the market today. It is 50” wide and 35” in height, making it an incredibly spacious chipping bucket to hit your shots into. The broad size of the chipping bucket makes it extremely comfortable and easy to hit into it. Also, it can trap in even most wayward shots so that you can chip away without having to worry about chasing after the ball or knocking something over with your shot. 

Premium Quality

The chipping net is made from high-quality fabric and sturdy materials. It ensures long life and seamless performance. It can withstand the hardest of hits without any wear and tear. Despite its larger size, the net is very easy to carry around and can be set up easily in less than a minute. 

Complete Package

Sparkly Strike Chipping Net features eight different hitting buckets and four targets in different colors. It comes complete with 3 fiberglass rods, 4 ground pegs, and a setup instruction manual. The package includes a stylish tote bag as well, so you can easily fold and store it away when not in use. What more are you thinking? Bring home the best chipping net and start practicing today.