The American Revolution brought victory for the colonies. Along with the victory, the nation witnessed the burden of addressing some existing issues regarding territorial squabbles, such as a controversial boundary drawn between Massachusetts and Connecticut. This settlement gave birth to a deviation in the states’ straight-edge border. In Southwick, you can still find this historical reminiscence. Apart from it, the city also takes pride in its famous public golf course, The Ranch Golf Club.

This course is considered one of the modern classic golf courses of the country. Its surrounding is beautiful and serene. The twists of its design challenge the golfers. Now you too can relish the experience of playing here. The Ranch v1 Lidar, introduced by The Golf Club 2019 will provide you with the same experience.  This magnificent 18-hole course, designed by Brace33, will make you want to play more golf. As an outcome, you will be able to polish your golf skills.