Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. What began as a royal recreation in Scotland around the 15th century has now become a household name for a major part of the globe. Subsequently, the game has traveled far and wide. Now, you can find a premium golf course in any region on any continent.

However, when it comes to choosing the best golf course out there in the world, it could be a delicate question that may drag even the biggest golf fans into a heated debate. While everyone has their own preferences, it can never be denied that some golf courses are designed to be regarded as masterpieces over others. You can enjoy these amazing golf courses in one of the best golf simulator software, The Golf Club 2019. Here are the top 5 golf courses in the world.  

The Old Course At St. Andrews

The Old Course at St. Andrews is regarded as an ethereal spot for golf. Located in the beautiful St Andrew Links, Pilmore Houe in Scotland, this place is known to be the birthplace of golf. Framed by lush, tender farmlands and flanked by the dazzling, windswept waterbodies of Eden Estuary, the Old Course offers the pinnacle of premium golf experience.

Furthermore, the panoramic view of the course overlooking solemn, blue mountains is something you’ll never forget. A golf course with more than 500 years of rich heritage, it is a must-visit spot for anyone who loves golf.  

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Perhaps the most popular name in golf architecture, Pebble Beach is hands-down the best-known golf course in the world. Golfers even swear by this spot. Located in California, this one is America’s first-ever seaside public golf course. Stretching over 6737 yards of immaculate fairways that run along the Pacific Ocean, this par-72 course can leave a lasting impression on anyone who ever visited this place.

Pinehurst 2

When you talk about the best golf courses in the world, you cannot ignore Pinehurst 2. A marvel from the Ben Crenshaw, Bill Coore architectures, Pinehurst 2 is easily the most loved and coveted golf course among golfers.

The layout is nothing short of spectacular, and so is its scenic view. Pinehurst 2 is said to be one of the toughest golf courses to play on. The short grass and sandy scrub are almost scary. But the wiregrass lining the fairways against the soothing backdrop of tall pine trees is a delight to your eyes.  

Shadow Creek

Another gem from the United States, Shadow Creek is arguably the best creation of legendary golf architect Tom Fazio. Sitting at the foot of the tall blue mountain range and surrounded by lush pine trees, there is no golf course like this one. The layout challenges every golfer to find the right angles, and the impeccably placed bunkers and doglegs make the course even more interesting.  

Oakmont Country Club

Last but not the least, Oakmont country club has one of the best golf courses in the world. The layout designed by Henry Fownes surpasses many championship courses when it comes to its intricate design.

With the deep roughness, undulating greens, and notorious drainage ditches, the course could throw even experienced players off guard.