Modern technology and the newest VR-based simulators are combined in TruGolf’s E6 Multisport Interactive Sport Camera to provide a wholly unique sports encounter for all. It is a self-contained monitoring instrument with a selection of top sports arcade games. It is possible to use TruGolf systems with TruFlight 1 and 2, and TruTrack 2 monitoring technologies. It is essential to realize that an active E6 Connect paid subscription is required. The golf simulators for TruGolf Vista 10 Pro and 12 can be used together.

The following describes how the E6 Multisport Interactive Sport Camera works:

The following components make up the tracking system for the E6 Interactive Sports Camera:

  • Dual wide lenses, one of which is mounted towards the back of the housing. The other one has its backside against the operator and is facing the display.
  • The two cameras keep an eye on the balls when they are thrown or hit. These track information like direction as well as pace, which is subsequently shown to the viewer.
  • The inclusion of a microphone makes voice-based interaction possible.

Games Featured in the Product

Users may find several game modes on the TruGolf Interactive Multisport Sport Camera to be highly enjoyable. These may be beneficial in enhancing their dexterity as well.

Rally Baseball

With TruGolf’s Rally Baseball, users may show their endurance on the pitch. High levels of strategy are required in this game, which also offers a play style resembling the Home Run Derby and a ground-breaking score arrangement. Additionally, this game has cutting-edge capabilities such as Voice-Activated Pitching and Swing-Timing Power Boost.

Slap Shot Hockey

Another game provided by TruGolf is Slap Shot Hockey. With three different play modes—Shoot Out, Long Shot, and Target Shooting—they may effortlessly play online hockey. Players may participate in this game and have a great time doing it.

Foot Golf

You can experience the wonder of Foot Golf with your TruGolf Simulator. To improve their gameplay even further, players can use a Boost and pick one of the courses. Demolition Mode may be utilized by players to add excitement to their game by causing flying pieces to burst after contact.

Breakaway Football

With Breakaway Soccer from TruGolf, users can play virtual soccer like never before. Multiple game options are available to players: passing, penalty kicks, and target practice. To put your talents to the limit and enjoy yourself to the fullest, you can easily drive up the difficulty level.

TruGolf Multisport Specifications:

  • Multiplayer: The multiplayer game modes can allow up to 8 users simultaneously. They are your best bets for family or business meets.
  • Play modes: The included games feature an assortment of play modes to select from.
  • Difficulty levels: Every activity contains various Difficulty and Boost levels to help players who are not too experienced.
  • Voice Activation: All games feature Voice Activation, enabling players to start gaming by uttering a few pre-determined words or commands.

Multiplayer – Up to 8 players may play concurrently in the multiplayer game styles. They are the ideal options for gatherings with family or coworkers.

Voice Activation – Voice Activation is a feature found in all games, allowing users to begin playing by speaking a few predetermined phrases or instructions.

Difficulty levels – Every activity has several Difficulty and Boost levels to assist participants who are less skilled.

Play modes – There are many different play modes available for the games that are included.

Included in TruGolf Multisport -

  • One unique soccer ball
  • Two unique foam baseballs
  • Two different baseballs
  • 1 microphone with voice recognition
  • One microphone stand

Physical Specifications for the Multisport TruGolf -

  • 11″ 14″ 10″ size
  • Weight of 6.5 pounds

To learn more about the E6 Multisport Interactive Sport Camera from Trugolf, see the details provided above.