The manufacturers of OptiShot Golf are recognized as experts in the field of golfing analytics. The highly regarded OptiShot 2 boasts a high level of swing accuracy and ball shot accuracy. It offers a great experience that is almost as good as being on the greens. The OptiShot 2 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator is one of the most advanced and feature-rich options on the market. It comes with multiple high-speed IR sensors that are tweaked to deliver peak precision and reliability. You get a lot of data including key parameters such as distance covered, speed, swing path, swing tempo, face angle, face contact and shot shape. Users can access these at all times i.e. before they take a shot, when they are taking it, and after the shot has been taken. In addition, Optishot 2 is a lightweight and convenient option for home golf simulation enthusiasts.

  • Immediate Feedback: Users can rely on the device’s high-intensity infrared sensors used in the OptiShot2 to deliver exact and immediate responses on each and every shot.
  • Dynamic Play: Users can enjoy the course mode with as many as four players. They can also get some range practice and take part in several online competitions with other players.
  • Real Courses: Fifteen outstanding golf courses are included in OptiShot 2 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator. From the convenience of your own home, you may play on some of the world’s best courses.
  • Precise Swing and Club Analysis: OptiShot2 captures critical data including club speed, route, face contact, face angle, carry distance and speed when the user is swinging.

Stats Measured by the Optishot 2 Include:

  • Total distance
  • Club speed
  • Face contact
  • Path
  • Tempo
  • Ball tracking
  • Face angle

Multiple Golf Courses You Can Play On 

  • Palm Desert Canyons
  • Barsebäck Golf Club
  • Long Island Black
  • Torrey White
  • The Golf Club Scottsdale
  • Torrey Black
  • Twisted Twig
  • Black Mountain
  • Cogs Corner
  • West Maui Plantation
  • Palm Desert Mountains
  • The Canadian Club
  • Österåkers Golf Club
  • Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club
  • Fylde Links

The Optishot 2 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator Comes With

  • Downloadable OptiShot software 
  • 15 Golf Courses
  • Built-In driving range
  • 10′ USB cable
  • Golf swing pad
  • Foam practice balls (two included)
  • 1-year standard warranty
  • Free software updates
  • Adjustable rubber tees

Requirements for The Hardware and Software

OptiShot 2 will operate with the most recent computers that have a USB Type-A port and are running current Windows or MacOS operating system software. It is recommended that a user of the OptiShot 2 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator system have at least 8.5 feet of ceiling elevation as well as enough area to swing their club in a secure and comfortable way. Players should make it a point to keep the system shielded from direct sunlight as that can negatively affect the analytical capabilities of it.

Take a look at all the features and specifications of the OptiShot 2 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator above to know what you can expect from it.