I built a all new Affordable DIY Home Golf Simulator! I get people asking daily how to build a home golf simulator on a budget so it was only appropriate to try and do it ourselves and try to keep the price as low as we could buy still have a quality home golf simulator build.

In this video I will go over a all new golf simulator enclosure, talk about my entire DIY setup and what I used for turf, mat, projector, and more! After showing you how I built the entire golf simulator by myself in a cool time-lapse of the DIY setup and then I will demonstrate everything in action using the Flightscope Mevo+ with E6 Connect & Awesome Golf plus the SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor.

Overall I am very impressed with the my new home golf simulator DIY budget build. I think that anyone looking to get a full home golf simulator for the best deal should consider this setup. It not only is very easy for one person to assemble the golf simulator enclosure & golf simulator screen, but the quality is great for the money. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the golf enclosure and other items I used.

For the enclosure and mat you can use code GSV100 and this link: https://topshelfgolf.com/products/247-golf-simulator-enclosure/?rfsn=3805828.a52ddc