Using golf mats when practising is one of the finest methods for professional golfers to have an advantage over their competitors. Golfers may perfect their swings and increase their consistency by using the right mats. These are designed to mimic the conditions of a genuine golf course. Without a mat, your clubs may strike the ground forcefully as you swing them, which might harm the club head or shaft. A high-quality golf mat will shield your clubs from damage and aid to absorb some of the blows.


Because there is such a wide variety of golf mats now on the market, it is essential to choose the one that is designed to cater specifically to your requirements. One of the greatest solutions that are presently available is the 9’x4′ Grass Series Center-Hitting Studio mat by Firebuilt. It gives players the opportunity to get a feel for a genuine fairway by using Fiberbuilt’s grass, and it can help them improve their game on every swing.

The 9′ x 4′ Center-Hitting Studio Golf Mat is built with ultra-durability and performance to offer the best possible experience possible for those practising their swings. This mat is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. This studio mat system enables rapid setup, offers maximum practicality and gives the performance that distinguishes Fiberbuilt Grass as the superior product it is among its rivals in the marketplace.

Key Features

  • Two 4.5’x4′ Performance Turf Stance Mats, and one 1’x4′ Center Section of Genuine Fiberbuilt Grass in a total 9′ by 4′ size
  • An optimal setup for radar launch monitors
  • Intended to adequately support players who use both their left and right hands
  • Color: On-Course Green
  • No-tool assembly
  • The middle striking portion has four tee holes

Contents of the package

  • 1 Fiberbuilt Grass section
  • 2 Performance Turf Mats
  • A unique, easy-locking, modular rubber base that doesn’t need any tools

Firebuilt mats are known for their – 

A high level of performance – The exact same ball flight attributes as a legitimate grass fairway are offered by Fiberbuilt golf mats. It gives accurate readings of some of the most important data points including spin rate, club speed, smash factor, ball speed, and launch angle.

Quality of construction – Exclusive Fiberbuilt Grass has been designed to endure hundreds of thousands of shots in the same area. As a result, they are quite more durable and long-lasting than the majority of mats out there which give away only after several thousand shots. Golfers can get complete peace of mind without much maintenance.

Protection against injuries –  Conventional turf-based golf mats, which are utilised at certain driving ranges, often provide very little impact absorption and might actually be the primary reason why people get hurt when playing golf. Fiberbuilt golf mats have been designed to almost remove the shock that is created by regular golf mats. This reduces the amount of strain placed on the lead elbow and shoulder, which in turn helps to prevent injuries.

The information shared above can give you a clear insight into the Fiberbuilt 9’x4′ Grass Series mat.