It is important to have a launch monitor for golf. Such a device is easy to store and carry and provides a lot of important data points to help golfers improve every aspect of their striking, chipping and putting. Nowadays, there are many options for small and easy-to-transport pocket-sized launch monitors on the market. One of the standout options is provided by manufacturer PRGR. 

The Black Pocket Golf by PRGR is a monitor that golfers find extremely simple to use, inexpensive, and extremely accurate. You only need to switch it on, place it in a convenient location, choose your club, and then strike. With each club, you’ll be able to examine your swing velocity, smash factor, ball velocity, total distance and carry distance. This monitor features cutting-edge Doppler radar technology.

The PRGR launch monitor has to be positioned 4 1/2 feet straight back from the ball. Allow at least 6 1/2 feet between the ball and the net while using it inside. When using PRGR, be careful to utilise actual golf balls. Range balls go shorter distances since they do not have the same attributes as regular golf balls. Read on to discover some features of the Black Pocket below. 

The Main Features of PRGR

  • Shows your swing speed, total distance, smash factor, ball speed, and carry distance, for each club using Doppler radar innovation.
  • Easy to use option as one can just turn it on and start hitting
  • A part of the Yokohama firm, PRGR has been producing golf equipment at the Tour level for almost four decades.
  • No WiFi, downloads, or applications are required.
  • Auto-Shutdown to protect the battery life
  • Every time you strike a golf ball, the readings instantly reset.
  • Both left- and right-handed players can use it.
  • Records your 500 latest swings and readings.
  • May gauge the velocity of your clubhead while training.
  • Is far lighter than the normal smartphone, weighing only 4.4 ounces with batteries installed.
  • The Launch Monitor for PRGR comes with batteries, a carrying case, and an instruction manual.
  • Tennis, soccer, baseball and hockey are some activities players can enjoy that are compatible with this.

PRGR’s Specifications and Details

  • Measurement results and history are shown on an LCD screen.
  • The On/Off and Enter buttons are used to toggle power off and on as well as to choose and confirm device settings.
  • The Measurement Section helps to take the measurements, face this section in the direction you are striking the ball.
  • A camera screw is utilized to fasten the apparatus to tripods and other fixtures.
  • Use the mode button to change between different modes.
  • Use the scroll button to browse measurement archives and device settings.
  • The device’s battery compartment on the back can hold four dry-cell batteries, which are widely accessible.
  • Toggles between Carry and Total flight distance display modes with the Flight Distance Display Switch

Take a look at the information shared above to get a clear idea about what to expect from the Black Pocket Golf monitor by PRGR.