The Foresight GC3 is a recently launched golf launch monitor from the famed Foresight brand. It is already being considered by many golfers as an improved option compared to many others on the market. Read on to get an in-depth review of this launch monitor. 

The Foresight GC3 launch monitor is an offering geared towards addressing the lack of accuracy issues faced by many golfers with other devices. The Foresight GC3, at a higher price point than most, can be considered by some as a more expensive option by some golfers. But, it does offer some features that make it a good investment. 

Features - GC3 Golf Launch Monitor

For starters, this launch monitor gives a substantial amount of data to its users. In addition, the data users get is more accurate and useful. This makes the Foresight GC3 a highly reliable option for golfers across all levels. GC3 features several data points to offer a very high degree of precision for customers. 

The metrics it offers are generally not seen in more affordable launch monitors. GC3 is also equipped with a Barometric Sensor. This sensor can help golfers keep up their performance no matter where they are in the world, irrespective of factors like altitude, humidity, and temperature. Accordingly, it can adjust the distance readings based on air density, temperature, and altitude. 

GC3 utilizes its barometric sensor to give you highly precise data on any course. The level of reliability it offers makes it an option worth considering, despite the premium price point. You can take it as a companion to any course and benefit from its high precision readings. 

Foresight GC3 Usability

The Foresight GC3 launch monitor is a small and portable option that can be carried around easily. It can be considered as a smaller version of the company’s GCQuad launch monitor. But, it goes a step above the Quad by offering touch controls through its screen. It is fully customizable and offers a high level of usability. 

Data recording is also quite easy with the Foresight GC3 launch monitor. It can be laid down parallel to a target and you can start hitting without delay. The Foresight GC3 can be linked to one’s phone or tablet unit and used outside without any hassle. You can access a lot more data this way and use the same to improve your game further. For golfers who are playing indoors, the launch monitor can also be easily linked to a computer system. All you will need is your standard Wifi connection to set it up. This opens up possibilities of you being able to enjoy simulated experiences on some of the best courses in the world. 

Final Words

The GC3 from Foresight is a launch monitor you should consider if you want a high level of accuracy. It offers a lot of features and some may say that the price point is justified.