Upon arriving at the Bay Harbor Golf course, people often get themselves lost in the beguiling natural beauty. This golf course is surrounded by scenic beauty, elegance, and stunning vistas. This is a 14,000 square foot course that is located atop a hoax and ignorant small Traverse Bay. It beckons its visitors to enjoy the sport and the unbeatable views. This award-winning golf course never fails to amaze the golfers with its envious design, grandeur, and high-class amenities.

Its twisting course design will throw a great challenge to all golfers, from newbies to experienced ones. If you are currently not able to drive to Michigan but yearning for playing at this course, you must try BayHarbor Links/Quarry-L. This virtual course is presented by The Golf Club 2019. This course (designed by Delta1274) contains 18 holes. The robust technology of this Lidar will allow you to forget the differences between the physical and virtual golf courses. To brush up on your golf skills, try this Lidar now!