In the game of golf, the importance of practice and patience is paramount. But above all, it demands precision. To this end, the importance of golf rangefinders can never be emphasized enough. It completely removes the guesswork from your game and allows you to hit an informed, confident shot. Moreover, with such precise distance, your club selection becomes easier than ever. We can go on about the advantages a rangefinder can give you, but you get the picture.  But no matter how exciting the benefits sound, you can only leverage them if you have a reliable device. 

With the market overflowing with hundreds of rangefinder brands, it could be quite a challenge to pick the right one for yourself. If that is the case, we recommend the Callaway Tour S rangefinder. In terms of reliability, Callaway is arguably the most trusted name in the golf industry. Besides, the rangefinders guarantee unparalleled accuracy. Callaway Tour S Rangefinder, among all its products, is exceptionally promising in terms of both performance and precision. But there’s more to it. Read on to know what else you can get from this remarkable rangefinder.  

The Best-In-Class Rangefinder

In Callaway’s range of products, Tour S is a high-end, premium rangefinder. True, it is comparatively expensive. But it is well worth the money. Callaway Tour S offers unmatched accuracy, unparalleled performance, and above all, superior magnification for a smooth golf experience. Compared to most other rangefinders, even high-end GPS devices, Tour S can provide you with almost the exact yardage to almost any target.  

Advanced Technology

The highlight of Callaway Tour S rangefinders is undoubtedly its accuracy, which is achieved by the cutting-edge Pin Acquisition Technology (PAT), the most advanced laser technology you can find in any device. With this feature, you can lock on any target with absolute accuracy every time. 

The accuracy is further enhanced with the unique Prism Mode. This feature makes it possible to lock onto any flag-mounted reflectors and get a fool-proof measurement. The Laser Scan Mode further helps to scan the total distance to several targets at once with just a click of a button. What’s more, the distance can be displayed in yards or meters as per your preference.  

Remarkable Features

One of the major plus points of the Callaway Tour S rangefinder is its superior magnification. It provides 7X magnification which no other rangefinder can give you. With this, you can view any target within 5 to 1200 yards, up to 400 yards to the flag. Callaway Tour S also features an impressive Slope Compensation that is absent in other Callaway rangefinders.  

Smart Design

Callaway Tour S rangefinder comes in a smart, sleek design with a sturdy build. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle. Besides, it is water and fog-resistant. So, no more worrying over bad weather.  

Overall, Callaway Tour S is undoubtedly the best rangefinder available today. Therefore, if you are serious about your game improvement, get hold of this incredible device and start practicing today.