A golf cart, often known as a caddy, is a vehicle designed specifically for moving a golfer’s gear. They significantly lessen the amount of work needed relative to a mechanical cart and allow players to avoid the mental and physical strain of dragging or lugging about clubs and other equipment. For experienced golfers who intend to play as frequently as they can while not limiting the time they spend on the greens, an electric golf cart is the right choice. Electric golf carts run on batteries and offer an enjoyable experience sans the commotion and emissions of traditional gas-powered vehicles. If you’re looking for a golf caddy or buggy that adequately meets your needs, the GRi-975Li Lithium Golf Caddy is a fantastic choice. Continue reading to find out what it offers.

  • Among modern electric golf carts, the GRi-975Li from CartTek is often regarded as an especially stylish and sophisticated option. Since it hits the perfect combination of usability, robustness, and innovative design, the majority of players find it beneficial.
  • Its sturdy aluminum tube axle houses strong engines and gears. This cart has wiring inside the protective shell and is waterproof. Additionally, the GRi-975Li caddy features a braking mechanism for descending hills.
  • A more useful battery cable extender has replaced the power supply compartment that was in the prior model. This capability allows users to effortlessly bring an additional battery with their container. There is no potential of fundamental injury, not even in the event of heavy rain.

The GRi-975Li motorized golf caddy is seen as an important advancement in the industry because of the way it can brake downhill. It holds its place on reasonably difficult downhill gradients thanks to the brakes. Users just need to crank down the speed dial to slow the tram down and enjoy dragging it down a hill. If you’re looking for an electric golf caddy that can handle challenging conditions, go no further than the GRi-975Li. This caddy has become a solid favorite of golfers all across the globe. It is the priciest and most feature-rich electric cart offered by CartTek.

The GRi-975Li has the following features:

  • Ability to Adjust Speed in Small Steps
  • Distance Control: Start a 10-second countdown and then let go of the trolley.
  • The structure is made of light aircraft-grade aluminum and features a customizable grip.
  • Mechanisms that employ step gears and include powerful motors
  • The control unit, gear system, and engines are hidden by the chassis.
  • The transition out of the “Free Wheel” function is seamless and quick.
  • More substantial driving wheels for greater stability
  • Powder coated frame comes in gloss black or classic silver colors as an option


GRi-975Li’s key specs:

  • 36″ at level, 45″ at its peak handle height
  • The case is 21.5 pounds and measures 34 by 26.5 by 12.35 inches.
  • Lithium-Ion cell with a rating of 24 volts and 7.5 ah.
  • The battery is 2.5 pounds in weight.
  • A one-year warranty covers the CartTek Caddy, all of its components, and its power source, which has a 500+ cycles performance.
  • The CartTek Caddy’s components come with a 90-day warranty.
  • The lithium cell comes with a two-year warranty.

To find out additional details about the GRi-975Li from CartTek, review the information above.