Looking for an affordable golf simulator system? Look no further than the SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Package. This exceptional package offers the Net Return Net, a one-of-a-kind golf net that ingeniously returns the ball to the golfer, capable of withstanding ball velocities up to 200 mph. Measuring six feet wide and ten feet long, the Net Return Pro Turf provides uninterrupted ball return for a seamless golfing experience. Whether indoors or outdoors, this lightweight and user-friendly design requires minimal assembly.

What's included in the simulator package?

  • SkyTrak launch monitor
  • The Net Return Pro Turf
  • Basic Practice Range software plan + 30-day trial of Game Improvement software
  • The Net Return Home V2 Golf Net

Maximize your golf simulator experience by choosing from these additional options:

  • Safeguard your device from accidental club or golf ball contact with the SkyTrak Protective Metal Case.
  • Expand your golf simulation possibilities with SkyTrak Game Improvement Software + Metal Case, which introduces a plethora of game-improvement tools, progress tracking tools, and challenges, expanding SkyTrak’s compatibility with third-party golf simulation software for a full year.
  • Upgrade to the larger Net Return Pro V2 Net for an even more spacious hitting area.
  • Ensure mishit balls stay within the striking area with the Net Return Universal Side Barriers.
  • Add an extra layer of safety netting with the Net Return “No Fly Zone” Extension, providing 8-10 inches of additional protection above the net.
  • Experience realistic ball flight characteristics with Fiberbuilt Single-Hitting or Center-Hitting premium range mats, reducing turf shock often caused by conventional golf mats.


Setup dimensions:

  • Area coverage: 7’W x 7’H x 3’6″D
  • Space required: 10’W x 8’6″H x 12’D

Monitor and Simulator Information:

Immerse yourself in a real-time golf practice and play system with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator. This compact device wirelessly connects to your compatible smartphone, providing instant shot launch data and visual feedback on ball flight.

SkyTrak utilizes a camera that captures quick images of the ball upon impact. These images enable precise measurement of vital statistics such as ball speed, backspin, launch angle, side angle, club speed, sidespin, and shot form, including carry, total distance, and offline accuracy. The Videos section has extra details.

With SkyTrak, you can customize various parameters and incorporate external factors like weather conditions and course conditions, resulting in a more accurate shot analysis and a lifelike golfing experience.

Key specifications:

  • Back Spin: 0–12,000rpm +/- 250rpm
  • Ball Speed: 0–200mph +/- 1mph
  • Launch Angle: 0–55° +/- 1°
  • Side Angle: 0–20° +/- 2°
  • Side Spin: 0–4,000rpm +/- 250rpm

Power source:

  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Up to 5 hours of continuous use
  • Includes a micro USB charging cord


Wireless Connectivity Options:

  • Direct WiFi connection to an iPad (no internet required)
  • WiFi connection to an iPad via a router or home network (internet access available)


SkyTrak size details:

  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.
  • 5.75″ L x 6.75″ H x 2.5″ W

The features and perks of SkyTrak’s Home Golf Simulator Package are explained above.