The GRi-975Li Golf Caddy, also known as a golf cart, is an exclusively designed vehicle to transport a golfer’s equipment. Its remarkable features significantly reduce the effort required, contrasting with traditional mechanical carts, sparing players from the mental and physical strain of hauling clubs and gear around. For avid golfers seeking frequent play on the greens, without time constraints and the inconvenience of noisy, gas-powered vehicles, an electric golf cart is the ideal choice. These carts operate on batteries, offering a serene and emission-free experience. If you desire a golf caddy that caters to your needs effectively, look no further than the GRi-975Li Lithium Golf Caddy. Explore the remarkable features it presents.


  • Amidst modern electric golf carts, the GRi-975Li by CartTek stands out as a remarkably stylish and sophisticated option. With its perfect blend of practicality, durability, and innovative design, it proves advantageous for most players.


  • The robust aluminum tube axle accommodates potent motors and gears while ensuring complete protection with waterproof wiring inside the casing. Moreover, the GRi-975Li caddy boasts a reliable braking system for tackling downhill terrains.


  • Innovatively, the prior model’s power supply compartment has been replaced by a more convenient battery cable extender. This unique feature allows users to carry an additional battery effortlessly. Worries of significant damage, even during heavy rainfall, are entirely eliminated.

A significant advancement in the industry, the GRi-975Li motorized golf caddy showcases its prowess in braking downhill. Its reliable brakes firmly hold the cart on moderately steep slopes, allowing users to control the speed dial to navigate down the hill smoothly. For an electric golf caddy that excels in challenging conditions, the GRi-975Li surpasses expectations. Golfers worldwide have embraced this caddy as their preferred choice. It stands as CartTek’s most premium and feature-rich electric cart offering.

Key Features of the GRi-975Li:

  • Precise Speed Adjustment in Small Increments
  • Distance Control: Initiate a 10-second countdown and release the trolley.
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum Frame with Customizable Grip
  • Mechanisms Employing Step Gears and Powerful Motors
  • Chassis Concealing the Control Unit, Gear System, and Engines
  • Seamless and Quick Transition from “Free Wheel” Mode
  • Larger Driving Wheels for Enhanced Stability
  • Option for Powder-Coated Frame in Gloss Black or Classic Silver Colors

Key Specifications of the GRi-975Li:

  • Handle Height: 36″ at the lowest, 45″ at the highest point
  • Dimensions: 34 by 26.5 by 12.35 inches, weighing 21.5 pounds
  • Lithium-Ion Battery: 24 volts, 7.5 ah rating, weighing 2.5 pounds
  • One-year Warranty Covering CartTek Caddy, Components, and Power Source with 500+ Cycles Performance
  • 90-day Warranty for CartTek Caddy Components
  • Two-year Warranty for the Lithium Cell

For in-depth information on the GRi-975Li from CartTek, review the above details.