Launch monitors play a huge role in the domain of golf simulation as they help golfers achieve better performance. Ernest Sports is one of the biggest manufacturers of advanced launch monitor technology that takes your skills to the next level. You can rely on their devices regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. The company currently offers products and solutions that equip golfers with all they need to enhance their capabilities through the power of data. 

Ernest Sports offers various cutting-edge golf products that can be useful for golfers across all levels of experience. Its products are available at affordable rates but offer powerful features that make your time on the turf a lot more engaging. Some of its products are widely used across many driving ranges and also preferred by teachers around the world. The best Ernest Sports Golf Launch Monitors are the ES Tour Plus, ESB1, and the E52020 Perfect Vision. You can use these to fulfill all your data recording and analysis needs. 

With Ernest Sports golf launch monitors, you can get access to data such as smash factor, spin axis, ball speed, hangtime, attack angle, total carry, face to path angle, and more. Rely on these launch monitors to unlock your true potential and get an advantage over your rivals. 

ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor

The ESB1 Golf Launch Monitor utilizes state-of-the-art doppler technology for tracking crucial data that golfers need. This includes several factors such as distance, club speed, spin rate, ball speed, and launch angle. This golf monitor sits behind the golfer to offer uniform and error-free readings. 

Key Features –

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stats comparison
  • Firmware (downloadable)
  • Customizable settings
  • Battery power indicator

Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor

The Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor is another advanced launch monitor that has a quad doppler radar, and two high-speed cameras (photometric type). This is a proven launch monitor that can be used on tours and gives users access to a lot of data points. You can use the Ernest Sports ES Tour Plus Golf Launch Monitor in your indoor setup with ease. The functionality of this product is somewhat limited outdoors, as you can only get stats like roll distance, total distance, ball speed, and a few others 

Club Data You Can Get Include –

  • Club head speed
  • smash factor
  • face angle
  • face to path
  • club path
  • angle of attack

Ernest Sports ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Golf Launch Monitor

The ES 20/20 Perfect Vision Golf Launch Monitor from Ernest Sports is a premium option for golfers. It comes with dual cameras that are relied upon by some of the most esteemed instructors globally. Also featuring two Doppler radars, this launch monitor gives users a good idea about their swing patterns and perfect their performance.

Key Features –

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • 19 different stats
  • LCD display
  • Precise club and ball data

These are the three Ernest Sports Golf Launch Monitors you can look at.