Having the right golf practice mat can be quite instrumental to your practice needs, and also help to prevent injury. One of the most effective mat solutions for game improvement is the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Practice Station Golf Mat. It has a built-in ball slot and a complete collection of training aids. Real Fiberbuilt Grass is used in the construction of the Flight Deck to simulate authentic contact circumstances and ball flight. The stance mat’s molded alignment guides and holes for the supplied rods work together to direct the ball’s position, swing path, and alignment to minimize wobbling. The broad and firm stance mat is easy to disassemble and swiftly reconstruct, offering a dynamic option for productive practice both inside and outside.

Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Surface is a reliable option. Its features include -

  • Made from authentic Fiberbuilt Grass (poly) 
  • Stance mat with a high level of friction houses the deck striking surface for even hitting and reducing wobbling
  • Launch monitor-tested to mimic the feel and functionality of fairway grass and prevent turf shock
  • Integrated alignment aids along with an oval clubhead path shape
  • In less than a minute, the knock-down structure may be set up and taken down
  • May be used with any club, including wedges and woods
  • Use either inside or outside
  • Produced with recycled materials

Package Has –

  • Flight Deck
  • Stance Mat
  • Ball Tray (In-built)
  • 2 Alignment Rods
  • Adjustable Tee

The Fiberbuilt Golf Mats are made to provide the most optimal golf training setting in regards to: 

Sturdiness: Exclusive Fiberbuilt Grass has been designed to endure over 300,000 shots on the same area. Traditional turf mats may start breaking after just 10 thousand shots from the same spot and will be totally worn out after just a total of 50 thousand strikes.

Performance: True-to-life ball flight features like a genuine grass fairway are only provided by Fiberbuilt golf mats. The ball flight factors club speed, smash factor, launch angle, ball speed, and spin rate have been assessed using Trackman to contrast Fiberbuilt Grass to the competitors in the market and a natural grass fairway. Fiberbuilt was reported to outperform most of its rival products from other brands. 

Protection from Injury: The traditional turf-based mats utilized at various ranges usually provide almost no impact cushioning and may even be the main cause of golf injuries. Golf mats made by Fiberbuilt have been developed to effectively avoid turf shock and help golfers practice with greater safety. Turf shock is quite a common injury-causing strain on the leading shoulders and golfers around the world.

In research conducted at the University of Calgary Performance Laboratory, Sports Medicine Center, 90% of the individuals who used Fiberbuilt Grass Mats said it provided the greatest quality and most absorption. The mat reduces the possibility of injury by simulating striking off a lush fairway.

Take a look at the information given above to get a clear idea about what to expect from the Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Practice Station Golf Mat.