Foresight Sports is one of the industry leaders when it comes to golf launch monitors. For a long time, the brand has been offering the best-in-class golf training gears with cutting-edge technology. Among all their products, Foresight Sports GC2 remains the most popular and trusted launch monitor and has been their bestselling item since it was first released in 2010. 

Considering its performance, GC2 is undoubtedly one of Foresight Sport’s most powerful and advanced gadgets. The high-end device with professional-level accuracy has practically been a game-changer owing to its innovative golf swing analysis technology. All these and yet the price of Foresight Sports GC2 is well within a reasonable amount. Therefore, it can be safely said that GC2 Golf Launch Monitor gives the best value for your hard-earned money.

In this blog, we will take a deeper look into GC2’s technology, performance, and other features. Read on to know how the incredible launch monitor fares against other top-grossing products and also, how it could help improve your game. 

Technology And Performance

Foresight Sports is renowned for its innovative technology. Like all their other products, the GC2 launch monitor also comes equipped with stunning specifications and assures an impressive performance. When it was first released, GC2 has been deemed the most accurate and versatile golf analysis tool on the market. Even today, there are only a few other launch monitors that offer the same level of accuracy, but none at this price point. On its own, it can provide six important data points including ball speed, carry distance, side spin, vertical & horizontal launch angle, spin, and side spin.

GC2 uses advanced Stereoscopic camera technology. It is equipped with two high-speed cameras that can capture up to 10000 frames in a second, that too from the moment of impact. Using the series of images, the launch monitor efficiently builds a 3D model of the ball and club, allowing for precise measurements so that you get direct data points instead of calculated ones. 

Unique Features

GC2 comes with a unique self-leveling accelerometer technology and an on-screen golf ball identification system that eliminates the need for marked golf balls and calibration. It gives you the freedom to play with real golf balls and enjoy the realistic feeling of a golf course. 

Other than these unique features, GC2 also offers some incredible specifications that make your golf experience smoother than ever. It has a large, adjustable LCD that can be read even under direct sunlight. The crisp audio indicators further add to the ease of use. Besides, GC2 guarantees you real-time data delivery, measuring all your shots on the go. 

The best part of using the GC2 launch monitor is its versatility and flexible nature. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. GC2 is also compatible with full-scale golf simulations like FSX software, Creative Golf 3D, Golfisiomo, or even E6 Connect, so that you can enjoy the true-to-life feel of the golf course within the four walls of your home. 


With a base price of less than $10,000, GC2 is practically a steal considering all its features and accuracy. So, if you are contemplating launch monitor options, go for GC2 without a doubt.