If you are looking for a golf launch monitor to upgrade your indoor golf system but don’t have the budget to buy a high-end device, you can always rely on Foresight Sports for the same professional-level measurements, but for a way more budget-friendly price. Among hundreds of golf launch monitor brands available today, Foresight Sports has already made a name for its products. They offer professional-level accuracy, top-notch quality, and incredible performance. No wonder they are the most popular and trusted name in the world of golf. You can choose any of their launch monitors without a second thought and we can assure you, you will get the best value for your money. 

However, as they keep updating their technology and present us with one amazing product after another, you might find yourself in a fix to zero in on one launch monitor over another. This is particularly the case with the Foresight Sports GCQuad vs GC2 golf launch monitor, for both of them come with loads of exciting features and cutting-edge technology. To help you choose, we have brought you a head-to-head comparison between Foresight Sports GC2 and the GCQuad launch monitor. Go through the specifications and pick the one that best suits your needs. 

Similarities Between Foresight Sports GCQuad vs GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

Both GC2 and GCQuad are equipped with the advanced technology and commendable accuracy for which Foresight Sports is known. In many areas, they offer the same features and performance, making the launch monitors a perfect companion for your golf training. Here are the major similarities between the two launch monitors. 

  • Both use cutting-edge photometric technology
  • Offer the same data points and measurements
  • At par with each other in performance and accuracy
  • Accurately measures ball data
  • Can be used in full simulation
  • Can be used both in outdoor and indoor settings
  • Only compatible with Foresight Sport software

Differences Between GC2 And GCQuad

  • More Cameras: The main difference between GC2 Golf Launch Monitor and GCQuad is that the latter is equipped with four high-speed stereoscopic cameras—two more than GC2. Naturally, it gives you more angles and subsequently, more precise clubhead data.
  • Measurements: Although they give you the same data sets, GC2 requires the HMT, additional hardware for measuring the clubhead data. The GCQuad, on the other hand, does the entire job in software (Club Add-On) in one single device. 
  • Consistency: Both GC2 and GCQuad offer impeccable accuracy and there is no telling difference between them in terms of precision. However, when it comes to consistency, you can rely on GCQuad a bit more. It comes with a hitting zone that is six times bigger than that of GC2, and hence, has less chance of misreading. 
  • Short Game: While GC2 is perfect for your game improvement, GCQuad takes it up a few notches by offering short game improvement. With the additional Putting Analysis software, you can work on your putting and chipping. 

Final Verdict

Both GC2 and GCQuad are fantastic launch monitors that work perfectly outdoors and indoors. They are mostly comparable in a great many areas. But as you may see, the GCQuad is an upgraded version and comes with more advanced features. Therefore, if you can spend a few more bucks, it is always smarter to go for the latest update.