Watch our Garmin R10 First Look & Review as we do a full unboxing and accuracy test up against the UNEEKOR EYE XO. The Garmin Approach R10 is an all-new portable golf launch monitor coming in at only $599 that allows for users to have a full golf simulator experience except for putting. We will demonstrate chipping, irons, and driver to see how the Garmin R10 stacks up against a high-end camera-based system like the EYE XO. 

The Garmin Approach R10 uses radar to analyze several metrics like your club path, launch angle, ball speed, and estimated distances and direction. It does not use GPS, but based on its placement to the ground, it will be able to provide shot data without GPS data or elevation information. With the Garmin Approach R10’s new Training Mode feature, golfers can track stats for each club and easily break down a slick shot dispersion chart based on estimated ball flight.