When it comes to golf launch monitors, FlightScope has undoubtedly been one of the leading brands for some time now. FlightScope’s previous series of launch monitors. i.e., Mevo has received wide appreciation across the world. Both professional golfers and amateurs widely used that gadget for their game improvement and there is a justified reason for their choice. Mevo is regarded as a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor use. Moreover, it offers great playing and practice experience. 

Introducing Mevo+, however, FlightScope has taken the stakes a few steps higher. An upgraded version of the Mevo series, it is equipped with the same cutting-edge technology that was Mevo known for. But it comes with several upgraded features that can make practicing golf easier. 

Since both models are available on the market, it could be difficult to choose between FlightScope’s Mevo vs Mevo+ for many to decide whether to stick with the familiar, trusted model of Mevo or to move forward with the upgraded Mevo+. To help you make an informed decision, we bring you a comparative review of the two models, FlightScope’s Mevo vs Mevo+.

FlightScope’s Mevo Launch Monitor

FlightScope’s Mevo is one of the most popular launch monitor brands in the world. It is known for its professional-level accuracy and the number of data points it offers. However, the highlight of Mevo is its sleek design and portability. It is an incredibly compact and lightweight launch monitor that you can carry around easily in your pocket. 

Mevo offers high-level accuracy, thanks to its in-built cameras and Doppler radar technology. It tracks all your shots and provides a ton of ball and club data. Moreover, it directly connects to your phone allowing you to review your shots in real-time. You can also record the data and watch it later. In addition, you can overlay the metrics with your ball data and swing path for future comparison. The highlight of FlightScope Mevo, however, is that it comes with a unique voice function that informs you of the estimated shot distance, You don’t have to look down or read the screen anymore. 

FlighScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

Following the success of Mevo, FlightScope launched Mevo+ in the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show. It is essentially an upgraded version of Mevo and uses the same Doppler radar technology to track the shots. However, it packs more punch with cool new features.

Flightscope Mevo+ is re-engineered to provide a faster and stronger performance than its previous version. It is equipped with an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip for facilitating increased range, in addition to dual 2X2 MIMO antennas for enhancing connection quality in sub-optimal circumstances. You can connect your phone even from a long distance of 100 feet, which is more than five times stronger in comparison to the Mevo. 

Compared to the previous version, Mevo+ offers more simulator functions. It has significantly updated radar functions and subsequently, is more accurate. But most of all, Mevo+ gives you more data points and features an expanded library of simulated courses.

Final Verdict

Mevo is a better choice for beginners. However, if you are experienced enough and looking for more features, Mevo+ is a better choice for you.