Golf Simulator Control Box Review – In this video I review the Roxor Golf, Golf Simulator Remote Control for TGC 2019, OptiShot, E6 Connect, Creative golf and other golf simulator software. It does not matter if you are using Uneekor, SkyTrak, Optishot 2, Foresight, Flightscope, or other golf launch monitors because this golf simulator controller hooks up to the software and the golf launch monitor is separate. You can create custom controls and advanced click paths which really makes the features endless.

More About The Roxor Golf Simulator Control Box

Starts at: $160 for the wired version. Comes with 15ft of USB cable. Optional upgrade to 25 feet. Shipping is available worldwide. Wireless Version is available: Includes Rechargeable Batteries. Tested up to 30 feet away from PC.

Custom designs and button colors are available for both wired and wireless versions. Each box includes proprietary software designed for the boxes and golf simulator programs. The box can be set up with different profiles for different programs and the customer is able to add, update, or change them at any time. For example: 3 profiles on a setup. One for TGC, One for TGC2019, and one for the Skytrak Range.