Having a life-size golf simulator is the dream of many golfers. While people pay great attention to the golf simulator or the software, they often tend to overlook the projector. This could be a fatal mistake, for it is the golf projector that projects the simulation on screen and thereby, determines the simulation quality to a great extent. Moreover, without a good-quality projector, you will never be able to realize the optimum potential of your golf simulator. 

With hundreds of brands offering various kinds of projectors at various price points, it could be quite confusing to pick what is best for you. To help you with the job, we have compiled a list of the best golf simulator projectors available today. Here are our top picks for 2022.

Optoma EH200ST

Optoma EH200ST projector

Optoma is one of the leading brands in golf simulator projector, and their EH200ST model is hands-down the best pick for any golfer. As a full 3D 1080p projector, it gives you the best possible image quality at this price point.

Also, Optoma EH200ST offers 3000 lumens to give you the brightest image and full HD quality ensuring the most authentic life-like golf simulator experience. It also features a 4: 3 aspect ratio and 20000:1 contrast ratio with Brilliant Color multi-color processing technology.

Optoma EH200ST has a stunning 0.49:1 throw ratio, which means you can mount this projector just 3.5 feet from your golf simulator and still get a 100-inch crystal-clear, bright picture. With the high luminosity, it can yield a sufficiently bright image even if there is some light in the room.

Furthermore, this projector features a stunning Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) that can project the simulation even onto your smartphone or tablet screen. It also comes with a powerful built-in speaker for audio support. 

BenQ MW632ST

BenQ MW632ST projector

BenQ MW632ST is the best short throw golf simulator projector for you if you are on a really tight budget. It can project up to 1280×1800 resolution images and is a great choice for home golfers.

It has a throw ratio of 0.9:1, which means you can get an 87-inch bright, clear image from only 1.36 meters away. A contrast ratio of 13000:1 along with a pixel fill factor produces crystal-clear text and images. Besides, it features 3200 lumens, which is quite impressive for a projector at this price. 

BenQ MW632ST also features a vertical keystone function. This allows the projector to align the image on screen if it is placed off-center, ensuring a smooth simulation experience. Besides, it gives you full DLPR 3D support. You can even watch 3D content with 3D glasses using this projector.

Optoma EH460ST

Optoma EH460ST Data Projector

If you are flexible with your budget, go for Optoma EH460ST. The best product from Optoma, it produces bright, clear 1080p images with an impressive lumens rate of 4200, which is the best you can get in today’s market.

Optoma EH460ST features a 0.5:1 throw ratio, producing stunning 152-inch images just from 5.5. feet away. It also has 2D digital vertical and horizontal keystone correction and four corner adjustments to remove any image distortion. Besides, the integrated speaker eliminates the need for any external audio support.