When it comes to premium quality golf simulator projectors, there is hardly anything better than Optoma. This amazing projector range is undoubtedly the most trusted golf projector today, and also the bestselling brand in the industry. It offers you the best HD quality picture, high-resolution image quality, and true color. Moreover, Optoma’s advanced technology provides the best indoor golf experience, thanks to its chock-full of features.  

The kind of projector that is most popular in Optoma’s product range is known as “short throw”. Essentially, these projectors are designed exclusively for limited spaces which are how most indoor golf systems are set up. This is why Optoma projectors are arguably the best fit for your home golf setup. Even if you have enough room to spare, short-throw projectors are still your best choice, because it avoids casting any shadow on your impact screen, thus giving you the best image quality. Here are the top Optoma projectors for you to choose from.  

Optoma EH200ST HD Short Throw Projector

OPTOMA HD Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector

This is one of Optoma’s premium-quality projectors with basic features. It is known for having a high lumen capacity. Lumen defines the brightness level of a projector. And Optoma EH200ST features a high 3000 lumens, resulting in super-bright images with immaculate picture clarity.

The output is crystal-clear, sharp, and represents true colors. Besides, EH200ST features a stunning throw ratio of 0.49:1, yielding a crisp 100-inch image on the screen with the projector placed only 3.5 away from the screen. It also provides 3D support, high-contrast ratio, 1080p high resolution, and more to give you the most satisfying experience.  

Optoma EH460ST Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector

Optoma EH460ST Golf Simulator Projector

Moving a step ahead from the EH200ST, Optoma EH460ST is an advanced short throw projector with updated features. To begin with, EH460ST is an all-digital short throw HD projector. Therefore, you can expect a smoother simulation experience from this one.

With an increased 4200 ANSI lumens and 2000:1 aspect ratio, the picture quality is sharper, clearer, and more life-like. The 0.5:1 short throw projection lets you place the device only 5 feet away from the screen and yields a larger 152-inch image. Moreover, it comes with an auto-power off feature that saves energy.  

Optoma ZH406ST Short Throw Golf Simulator (Laser) Projector

Optoma ZH406ST Golf Simulator (Laser) Projector

The greatest choice among the Optoma short throw projector range, however, is the Optoma ZH406ST laser projector. It is powered by laser technology and guarantees the best-possible image quality you can get from any projector available today. With a stunning 4500 lumens brightness and full-HD resolution, it gives you super-bright, crisp 100” images with vivid colors.

Besides, it ensures the most value for money, thanks to the exclusive DuraCore Laser Light technology that eliminates the requirement of filter and lamp replacement up to 30,000 hours. In addition to this, ZH406ST comes with several advanced features, including 4K and HDR compatibility, vertical lens shift, four corner corrections, RJ15 connection, and a powerful built-in speaker. For the most realistic golf experience at home, there is nothing better than Optoma short throw projectors. So, choose the one that suits you perfectly and build the dream indoor setup.