Having the right golf impact screen for your golf simulation setup is a must as you want the best possible shot feedback. There are a lot of factors that you have to evaluate in order to find the best impact screen for your golf simulator. This is not as easy for golfers who do not have much idea about how to pick and choose the right option. For example: Net Return Home Series and Net Return Pro Series Impact Screen

To start with, a golf simulator impact screen should be a strong screen with multiple layers. It serves the purpose of reducing bounceback which can cause great harm to a golfer and property. A high-quality screen also helps you get satisfactory image quality. In addition, one should opt for an impact screen that is easy to set up and can be adjusted into a frame without hassle. 

If you are serious about golf simulator use at home, investing in a proper impact screen is vital. This is because the wrong impact screen can give you an image of bad quality, produce unwanted bounceback that can be fatal, and also create unpleasant noises on impact. Take a look at the tips mentioned below to get an idea about how to select the right golf impact screen for your indoor golf simulator. 

Essential Tips For Choosing A Suitable Impact Screen For Your Indoor Setup

Know About The Dimensions Of Your Room – The space available to you in your room is important for selecting the right golf impact screen. This is one of the first things you should consider in order to know what size or model of the screen to go for. The length, height, and width of the room matter a lot, and you should also take note of any beams or ceiling slants that can be obstructive. 

Selecting The Right Aspect Ratio For The Impact Screen – Selecting the right aspect ratio for your impact screen is another important factor to consider for investing in one. The aspect ratio has to do with the viewable area and the area around the screen i.e. the surrounding or bordering area. Take note of the aspect ratio of the viewable area as that is the most important thing. The screen should also fit within the space you have. 

The Position Of Your Projector – Where you place your projector and what type of projector it is also determined the choice of an impact screen. First of all, you have to decide where the projector will be mounted. This is crucial in dictating where your impact screen has to be set up, as otherwise, you can run into some unwanted compatibility issues. 

Impact Screen And Picture Quality – Golf impact screens are generally made from white polyester material fibers that are weaved together to create a mesh form. Mesh layers are put to stop each other to create a thick, strong screen that can reflect with ease. You should note how well a particular impact screen reflects an image that has been projected. Its durability also ensures that it will react the best to high impact. 

Take a look at the above tips to get a clear idea about how to choose the right impact screen