While setting up an indoor golf system, people often tend to overlook the quality of the projector screen and net. But to get the most realistic and enjoyable experience from your golf simulator, they are perhaps the most critical elements.

The picture quality of the golf simulator ultimately depends on the material of the projector screen, no matter how advanced the graphics or how high the contrast of the projector is. Besides, the durability and the strength of the screen also play an instrumental role in your practice, because it allows you to hit the shots freely. Keeping the necessary features in mind, here is a list of the best golf simulator screen and enclosure brands available today.

SwingBay Golf Simulator Screen And Enclosure

Perhaps the most popular and trusted name in the golf circuit, SwingBay screen and enclosure by Rain or Shine Golf is the best possible item for your indoor golf set up. The unique feature of the SwingBay golf screen is that it allows the projected image to fill the entire screen, leaving no empty space.

According to the experts, this particular design gives you the most realistic experience of golf. The high-definition screen produces amazing image quality. Additionally, the light dampening feature of the enclosure effectively blocks out all the extra light from the surrounding, giving you a brighter and more life-like view. Moreover, the sturdy structure of the enclosure and the material of the screen promise excellent durability.

HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure

HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure is one of the best products available for indoor golf. It can be used both as a part of the golf simulator and indoor driving range. It features a ballistic-grade screen that is strong enough to withstand high impacts from your shots. It is also flexible at the bottom, allowing the ball to roll back to you.

The screen is protected with the Pro arms and Sky Net, helping it to contain mishits and preventing the ball from going haywire. It can be used with any simulator software or projector. It includes a wall-mounting add-on too. But the best feature of this product is that it comes with a wireless remote. With this, you can easily retract the screen in less than 30 seconds!

The Net Return Simulator Series

The Net Return Series is another user-favorite screen and enclosure package. The most significant benefit of the unit is that it allows you to add The Net Return Projector Mount Kit to the package and mount it right on top of the enclosure. This lets you attach a short-throw projector onto the mount kit without having to put any holes on it. Additionally, the screen comes with a floating design that eliminates maximum bounceback. The polyester material guarantees excellent durability and brilliant image clarity as well.

All these net and enclosure packages are compatible with most golf simulator brands available on the market. Also, each of the products described above gives you the most excellent value for your money. So, choose the one that best suits your purpose and start practising!