Smart contact lenses may eventually be able to transmit an augmented reality (AR) display straight onto one’s retina. That is fundamentally the main concept underpinning Mojo Vision’s prototype AR contact lens. Based on whether this offering is effective and adept at accomplishing all the firm says, they might deem a lot of existing AR headsets redundant, signalling the direction forward for visual AR innovation.

Drew Perkins, CEO of Mojo Vision went forward to examine the firm’s cutting-edge smart contact lenses. He and his colleagues have started working diligently to create an augmented reality (AR) display that sits straight on your retina. It is set to have a flawless form factor for consumers by removing every one of the additional hardware resources required in headgear.

According to New Atlas, Mojo Vision has already been putting efforts into a prospective smart contact lens for many years. The newest edition of the prototype looks to be equipped with a lot of advanced features. The screen is a green-colored monochromatic microLED. This screen has a diameter of less than 0.5mm and 14,000 PPI resolution. 

augmented reality contact lens

Mojo Vision’s newest digital contact lens also includes an ARM Core M0 CPU and a 5GHz radio featuring ultra-low latency interactions. The new offering also has a large number of accelerometers, magnetometers, and gyroscopes. It allows the lens to precisely follow your eye movements. The cutting-edge design also contributes to the picture being steady throughout usage. It solves a common issue that has been seen with many smart contacts.

That is a lot to put into a minuscule circular lens and then put it on your eye. Mojo Vision, on the other hand, has done precisely that. Perkins went into Mojo’s laboratory recently to gain the distinction of being the very first person to put on a highly-advanced smart contact lens to evaluate how well it performs by placing it on a person’s eye. 

 The visit was a fruitful affair and is being considered an important milestone. Still, there are many areas where Mojo Vision can make some improvements. The overall sentiment is positive as the team is looking forward to the next step.

Perkins described how he was able to effortlessly engage with a compass to determine his directions, in a blog post. He might also look at photographs and use an on-screen prompt. The company wants to begin testing the smart contact lenses with other individuals currently since Perkins has checked them out.

The comments will then be incorporated into a development variant of the lenses. Presently, there is no schedule for when the smart lenses will be available for purchase, but it is an interesting idea.

Under the scope of its Breakthrough Devices Program, the business intends to collaborate with the FDA to bring the new visual technology to market. Previously, the AR developer has announced agreements with several fitness companies such as Adidas Running. It intends to build training applications for the technology to cater to advanced functionality to consumers.