Golf has always been one of the most popular sports across the world. Not just professionals, a huge number of amateurs are into sports for its sheer excitement, finesse, and most of all, recreational value. The popularity of golf has pushed the boundaries even further and introduced the indoor version of the game so that those who cannot visit the course can enjoy the same within the comfort of home as well.

With constant innovation and the advancement of technology, indoor golf has become more exciting and enthralling with time. The introduction of golf simulators, software, and other training aid, etc. has not only made the game more enjoyable, rather it has made practice and game improvement more interesting. Sensors, radars, infrared, augmented reality—the list of innovative golf technology is impressive. The latest addition to this collection is artificial intelligence (AI), which has been championed by Trackman.

Trackman is arguably one of the trailblazers when it comes to data-driven golf insights. Over time, they have brought us stunning technologies that have made the game of golf more exhilarating. Their new offering Tracy, however, is a radical step up, and they are confident that it will revolutionize the game for good. 

Tracy was first unveiled during the 2020 PGA Show held in Orlando, Florida (U.S.A.) and immediately, critics and reviewers took a liking for the cutting-edge technology. Even Golf Digest declared Tracy to be the most impressive item on the show. Sounds fascinating? Read on to know more about the incredible product.

What Is Tracy?

Essentially, Tracy is an AI tool embedded in Trackman Performance Studio. It uses AI to analyze the details of your shots based on your consistency and ball flight and yields a comprehensive report on your swings, emphasizing the potential areas for improvement.

It comprises an impressive database of more than 500 million shots (with room for future expansion), to cross-reference for identifying your drawbacks, and thus, help you focus on game improvement. 

How Can Tracy Help You?

The highlight of Tracy is you can see your improvement shot by shot. It offers you particular parameters to work on, making your practice sessions more precise and realistic. It takes into account an array of factors, including skill level. As a result, it can give you a comprehensive and specific picture of your abilities so that you can work on your weaknesses with added care. 

The benefits of Tracy are not just limited to players. Rather, it could be of extraordinary help for golf coaches as well. With data-driven insights from Tracy, coaches can offer proper guidance to their students on how to change their techniques and improve their styles. This makes their recommendations more valuable and their expertise more apparent.

Product Review: Tracy— The Brand-New AI tool From Trackman

Given the appreciation and potential of Tracy, it is safe to say that it is going to be at the forefront of AI-powered tools in the golf industry. However, this is just the beginning of the journey. Considering its technical capabilities and robust database, it is soon going to be the most useful and reliable golf training aid. As Trackman promises, they are striving for incorporating this impressive AI-powered tool in all their products in the future.