Putting is arguably the most important aspect of your golf skills. It could very well be the deciding factor in your game. It is undoubtedly true that hitting a flawless 350-yard shot and sending the ball away looks incredibly cool. But it won’t matter if you drive near that green and have only 3 to four putts on each of the holes. To be clear on this, putting is what makes or breaks your game. So, if you want to lower your score and get a leg up against your opponent while out on the golf course, you must work on your putting.

Honing the perfect putting skill requires precision, concentration, and most of all, hours of relentless practice. But it does not have to be boring or tedious. Thanks to the advanced golf simulation technology, you can leverage the perks of using a putting aid to make your putting precise and flawless. In this regard, there is no better putting aid than PuttView P7 considering the existing golf equipment of today’s time.

PuttView P7 Home series, the cutting-edge putting aid from Swing Fit, is the latest golf training aid for golfers of all experience and skill levels. Not just for beginners, it could significantly help experienced professional-level players improve their putting skills as well. Truly one-of-a-kind, PuttView P7 is an upgrade of the previews PuttView putting aid. Read this review of the innovative golf training aid to know more about this unique item.

Unique Golf Training Aid

PuttView P7 Home Series is essentially a visual toolbox dedicated to putting practice. It utilizes advanced Augmented Reality technology to enable visualization on the attached putting green, displaying all the important parameters of your putt with instant feedback. The innovative, interactive training aid offers an array of visual guidance to create a unique putting practice environment.

Cutting-Edge Technology

PuttView P7 comes with a ceiling-mounted projector that projects feedback on the putts directly on the putting green beneath. Covering a range of important putting information, such as pace of the putt and ideal line, it provides you all the necessary detail you would require to make the putt perfect.

PuttView P7 uses slope data to precisely calculate and thus, project an accurate, AR-powered path onto the green, along with several other guiding visuals to help you achieve the perfect putt. It also features impeccable Ball Tracking Technology, which offers real-time tracking of the actual ball path.  

Incredible Features

PuttView P7 enables users to virtually recreate any putt under 20 feet and helps golfers master the perfect putting on them. It comes with a user-friendly and versatile Sketch function, with which golfers can draw their own graphics or instructions on the putting surface simply using a tablet. It works with almost all indoor putting greens and comes in a compact size that could fit in most places, be it your home, office, professional driving range, or a golf clubhouse. 

As soon as the first look of PuttView P7 has been revealed, it has created quite a stir among golf enthusiasts all around the globe. Given the incredible features promised by the product, it becoming golfers’ favorite is only a matter of time.