A golf launch monitor is the most effective piece of device to improve your golf skills. However, it could be quite a troublesome affair to carry a heavy piece of machinery as you walk around the vast golf course. This is why golfers are leaning more towards comparatively lightweight, portable launch monitors. In this regard, Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) has become quite popular among golfers in the last few years.

Apart from the raging reviews from the PGA Tour golfers, the efficient piece of technology has been named the best golf launch monitor in 2020. Golf Digest has also declared Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) to be their official launch monitor as well. So, while looking for the perfect launch monitor for your personal game improvement, don’t settle for anything less. Choose the best golf launch monitor and continue practicing to hone the perfect shots. 

To have an in-depth insight into Rapsodo MLM’s performance and features, we have gone through hundreds of customer reviews and the feedback of golf experts. As an outcome, we can confidently assert that this is the best piece of personal launch monitor that you can own in today’s time. In this review, we will take you through the most attractive features and performance of the amazing golf launch monitor.

The Unique Launch Monitor

Rapsodo launched their exclusive mobile launch monitor in the PGA Show 2020. It is one of those launch monitors that easily fits in your pocket and has all the potential to impact your skills in all positive ways. Moreover, it is the only golf launch monitor available on today’s market that utilizes the power of your iOS device to provide you instant feedback on launch data, active shot trace, and instant video replay. 

The Best-In-Class Accuracy

Using radar/camera technology, Rapsodo MLM analyzes the initial flight of your golf ball to calculate the distance and trajectory. It guarantees professional-level accuracy and is trusted by professional PGA tour players and golf instructors.

Together with its own Doppler radar and the camera of your iOS device, it measures six essential parameters, namely ball speed, clubhead speed, launch angle, launch direction, carry distance, as well as smash factor and gives you immediate feedback. Moreover, it can also estimate total distance. The level of accuracy that Rapsodo MLM guarantees is quite comparable to some of the most expensive launch monitors available today, including TrackMan and FlightScope Mevo. 

Incredible Features

The Rapsodo MLM packs a host of remarkable features that sets the unique item apart from all the other launch monitors available within this price range. Here are some highlights of its exclusive features:

  • Instant Feedback with Built-in Camera
  • Portable
  • iOS-powered
  • Optimum Accuracy
  • Long Battery Life
  • Shot Tracer and Smart Club Recognition
  • GPS Shot Mapping
  • Club Gapping
  • Quick Installation
  • Shot Library
  • Built-in App for easy review and improve tracking
  • Interactive gaming and Sharing

Understandably, Rapsodo MLM provides you with professional-level accuracy and premium features that easily stack up against the most expensive launch monitors without breaking your bank. What else would you possibly want from your personal launch monitor ?