Every golfer knows the importance of practicing. But, reaching a golf course four or five times a week is hardly possible for most of us. The best alternative is to own a golf launch monitor. This brilliant piece of technology does not only help to improve your golf skills but also gives you a realistic feel of the golf course. If you are trying to improve your golf skills, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a good-quality launch monitor. To this end, you can always go for the Foresight golf launch monitor. It is one of the most popular brands of golf launch monitor that you can trust with your eyes closed.

The highlight of this leading golf brand is its cutting-edge technology. Also, Foresight offers you a ton of stunning features that you would hardly get in any other golf launch monitor brand. If you compare the products from this leading brand, then two names will come up as the most popular—GC2 and GCquad. Both golf launch monitors are packed with tons of features and are excellent gears for your game improvement. But with a closer look, you will be able to decide which one suits your requirements the best. So, to help you with the research, we have brought you a thorough comparison between GC2 and GCQuad golf launch monitors.

GC2 Golf Launch Monitor

A GC2 launch monitor is the first-ever golf launch monitor to use optical ball flight analysis technology, is widely known for its accuracy and game improving features. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Besides, the exclusive self-leveling technology provides accurate results while playing outdoors.

While indoors, the unit produces accurate results of ball data at impact. The launch monitor measures 9’height X 12’width X 16’depth. So, you can set up the system anywhere with the required dimension.

GCQuad Golf Launch Monitor

Like any other Foresight products, GCQuad also features innovative technology that makes it stand apart. Powered by the trusted GC technology by Foresight Sports, this amazing device gives you the most accurate analysis of your shots and ball data. It comes with four high-speed powerful cameras to track all your shots.

The additional pair of cameras enable the GCQuad launch monitor to scan and track the hitting space six times more than their previous GC2 launch monitor. This ensures more space and details so that you get unparalleled accuracy and performance from your launch monitor. The 4 camera setup can take up to 200 images of the shot from multiple angles, thus measuring everything happening around the impact zone.

Moreover, the cutting-edge quadroscopic launch monitor with high-speed imaging and ball tracking capacity provides you precise reading on ball flight, swing, distances, and impact conditions. The launch monitor comes in a highly portable, ergonomic design that is very easy to transport and carry around the golf course. Besides, the unit is equipped with solid-state NIR LED lights which save you from all the hassles with flash replacements and maintenance. 

Both launch monitors guarantee unparalleled performance and game-improving support. Considering the price range, GCQuad ensures the best image quality and clarity for a golf launch monitor. However, in terms of accuracy and advanced features, the GC2 launch monitor takes the crown.