Royal Riverside (Tour)2 is an exhilarating virtual golf course on the TGC 2019 platform that mimics the prestigious Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre in Victoria, Australia. Located in the scenic heart of northeast Victoria, Australia, this club presents visitors with a delightful fusion of style, luxury, and contentment. It is a 9-hole public course with a length of 2548 meters and a par value of 34. The meticulously maintained parklands of this course will lure you into an immersive encounter with nature while you practice your swings.

It offers state-of-the-art facilities and opportunities to hone your athletic skills year-round. This course is truly worth exploring by golf enthusiasts, budding tennis players, or anyone keen on a leisurely stroll through nature’s splendor. From professional training amenities to leisure pursuits embraced within tranquil settings, Riverside Golf & Tennis Centre is an unforgettable sporting haven. The Royal Riverside (TOUR) 2 is the perfect course to practice your shots in your backyard.