As a golfer, you can never deny the importance of practice. No matter how skilled or experienced you are, you know that you would play better if you practiced some more. But the question is, how do you take out the time required? Whenever you try to devote more time to practice, life gets in the way. Hectic work life, family obligations, stress—the list goes on. Even if you manage to squeeze in some time, something as simple as bad weather could ruin your chance. We are not even considering how far you live from a driving range or golf course. Let us focus on the solutions instead. 

So, do you have a spare room at home? Maybe a living area, a guest room, or the basement? Or better still, could your garage fit in a little more than your car? If your answer is yes to any of these, welcome to the world of indoor golf. That’s right. You can turn any available indoor space into a real-life golf course using a golf simulator. This unbelievable technology brings the golf course within the four walls of your home. And you can work on your skills any time you want, maybe invite some golf buddies too.  

The quality of your golf simulation experience, however, depends on the quality of your golf launch monitor. So, if you want the most authentic, immersive feeling, make sure you get nothing but the best. Here are the best launch monitors with simulation capabilities. 

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

SkyTrak is one of the leading launch monitors cum golf simulators, if not the best. The accuracy of SkyTrak launch monitors is regarded as the gold standard in the golf industry today. In addition, you get the best-in-class reliability and performance. It is a professional-grade launch monitor that guarantees top-notch simulation quality, along with a host of data metrics and analysis to help your game improve. 

SkyTrak is powered by a high-speed photometric technology that captures all your ball data and gives you a wide range of data metrics, including ball speed, carry and total distance, launch, and more. It works perfectly both outdoors and indoors. 

Flightscope Mevo Plus

A close second to SkyTrak is Flightscope Mevo+. The stunning launch monitor features unbelievable simulation capabilities, and the accuracy is comparable to any leading launch monitor, including SkyTrak and TrackMan. Unlike SkyTrak, it features a dual radar technology to measure your shots, giving you up to 16 data points.

You can keep track, analyze, and work on your swings with the stunning Flightscope App as well. The highlight of Mevo+ is its extraordinary portability. It is compact, lightweight, and very easy to operate.

TrackMan Launch Monitor

If you want to enjoy tour-level quality, TrackMan is your ultimate choice. It is used by the most elite golfers around the world, and for good reasons. The unique technology of TrackMan combines both camera sensors and dual radar sensors, resulting in impeccable accuracy for all kinds of shots.

It measures both ball and clubhead data, giving you a comprehensive analysis of your techniques. This is the best value for the money you can get.