Estancia, located on 640 acres of the Northern slope of Pinnacle Peak of Scottsdale, was founded in 1995. It is an internationally acclaimed golf course. It includes a bunch of social based activities. This golf course has a friendly environment. Here, you will be provided with a number of modern facilities. This well-maintained and properly organized golf course is a major attraction for many golfers.

Its interesting layout is very useful for polishing one’s golf skills. If you want to play at this course, but travelling is not possible for you at this moment, you can embrace The Estancia Club (LiDAR) v1.1. This technology-backed virtual golf course, developed by The Golf Club 2019, provides everything you expect from the physical course. This 18-hole virtual golf course is designed by Dwight Hall. If you want to enjoy golf with all modern amenities and a challenging layout, you should buy this amazing golf software.