Having a life-sized indoor golf studio is perhaps every golfer’s dream. This is where a golf simulator may come in extremely handy for them. But when investing in a golf simulator, people often tend to overlook the quality or performance of the golf simulator projector. This could be a deciding factor in terms of your home golf experience because ultimately, it is the projector that determines the visual quality of your golf simulator. It is responsible for projecting the simulation as well as the ball flight onto the screen. Therefore, if you are stuck with a low-quality projector, you are most likely to get a subpar simulation experience from your indoor golf setup.

To this end, people might find themselves in a dilemma while choosing a golf simulator projector. There are hundreds of brands offering hundreds of projectors that vary in performance, quality, technology, and of course, price range. However, going through an endless list of projector specifications to choose from might as well be tedious and confusing. To help you with the job, we have compiled a review of the bestselling golf simulator projectors available on the market today. Here are our top picks of the best golf simulator projector for your home golf studio. 

Optoma EH200ST HD Short Throw Projector

OPTOMA HD Short Throw Golf Simulator Projector

Out of all the available golf simulator projectors today, Optoma EH200ST is perhaps the best device for your golf simulator. As proof for the claim, you can see that most leading golf simulator packages, such as SwingBay, feature this HD short throw projector as their primary choice. There is an obvious reason behind this choice, for Optoma EH200ST has all the necessary qualities of a premium short throw projector—Including an impressive 3000 lumens, 3D support, 20,000:1 contrast ratio, bright image with BrilliantColor Multi-Color Processing, and Mobile HD Link.

It features an astounding 0:49:1 aspect ratio, which means you can easily get a 100-inch image with impeccable clarity with the projector placed only 3.5’ away from the screen. As a bonus, you can use this projector for an array of other events, including conferences, classes, and presentations. 

BenQ MW632ST Short Throw Projector

Best Golf Simulator Projectors

This is perhaps the most stylish and effective golf simulator projector available today. Multiple golf simulator brands have been very successful with this premium BenQ model. It is known for its crisp, clear image quality and portability.

Compared to Optoma EH200ST, this model offers an enhanced 32000 lumens brightness that too from only a distance of 1.36m away from the projection screen. Moreover, it has a throw ratio of 0:9:1 and produces a bright 87-inch image. It comes with a contrast ratio of 13000:1 with an advanced pixel fill factor.

ViewSonic PS501X Short Throw Projector

If you want to go for a budget-friendly model, then go for the ViewSonic PS501X. This pocket-friendly gadget causes less damage to your pocket but offers all the necessary specs and features that you could ask from a golf simulator projector.

It is powered with short-throw capabilities, a throw ratio of 0.61, and a high 3500 lumens. It features a native XGA 1024 x 768 resolution, along with proprietary SuperColor Technology. Naturally, it does not stack up well against the expensive products, but it serves the purpose of a home golf setup. Therefore these are the best golf simulator projector for your home golf studio.