Any individual who intends to practice golf at home needs a protective net to prevent any kind of property damage. A sturdy golf net is the number one priority for this reason. Currently, there are many options available in the global market, each offering different levels of performance and quality.

Golf nets that are durable and made from high-quality materials can be suitable for any indoor space. The best ones are instantaneous in returning balls after they’ve been hit. It is vital to pick up the right net to ensure that you can golf in peace. Price is a factor but one should always be aware of the design and materials of nets. So what are the best golf nets in 2021? Read on to discover. 

Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net is one of the best golf net options available today. It has been a popular option since its release back in 2008. The Net Return golf nets are versatile options that can also be used for other sports like baseball or soccer. They are also utilized by several professional sports organizations. 

The Net Return Pro Series V2 Golf Net is a large net model measuring 7’6″H x 8’W x 3’6″D. It comes with an S-shaped frame for optimal automatic ball return after a shot has been hit. 

Mini Pro Series V2 Net

The Mini Pro Series V2 Net is another top golf net option to consider if you are an indoor golf simulation enthusiast. This is a suitable option for those who want optimal portability and ease of use. If you lack the space needed for having a dedicated golf simulation setup, this golfing net is a lightweight option. Setting up the Mini Pro Series Golf Net and packing it up are easy tasks. 

The Mini Pro Series Golf Net is a smaller version of the company’s Pro Series net. It comes with dimensions of 6’H x 5’W x 3’6″ D and a lightweight of just 22 pounds. Carrying around this golfing net and setting up in any indoor space is quite effortless. It is a suitable choice for golfers across all levels of experience. 

Net Return Home Series Golf Net

The Net Return Home Series Golf Net is a popular option that indoor golf lovers can look at. It will fit in most garage spaces comfortably with dimensions of 7’H x 7’W x 3’6″D. The perk of using this net is that you have the option for either a portable or permanent setup. This type of flexibility is quite useful for most golfers. 

The Net Return Home Series Golf Net also comes with optional side barriers for ensuring maximum protection. This net is known for the performance and quality it offers to users, along with automatic ball return. Golfers can also benefit from the 250,000 shot guarantee provided by the company.