The importance of a good hitting mat and net, in any indoor golf setup, is paramount. Practicing on a lumpy or faulty practice mat can affect your hitting skills, thus damaging your skills. On the other hand, a good hitting net ensures the safety of your indoor golf space, so that you can hit the ball freely, without worrying about hitting the wall or things around you.

In this regard, The Net Return hitting net and mat packages top the chart in terms of durability, strength, quality, and performance. The brand brings you a one-stop solution for your hitting mat and net requirements via its Home Series, Pro Series, and Mini Pro Series golf net and mat packages. Read on to find out the details of each series and choose the best option for your home golf studio.

The Net Return Home Golf Package V2

The Net Return Home series V2 net and mat package is the ultimate choice for serious golfers. It gives you unparalleled performance, optimum durability, and premium quality—all in a single package. The package includes The Net Return Pro Turf golf mat, The Net Return Pro Series golf net, The Net Return Pro Series side barrier nettings, along with adjustable rubber tees.

The commercial-grade polyester net can withstand up to 225 MPH speed, allowing you to hit the most powerful of shots freely. The strong, thick practice mat, on the other hand, guarantees years of use and the perfect surface to hone the trickiest skills.

The Net Return Pro Golf Mat And Net Package V2

The Net Return Pro Golf Package V2 brings you the best golf hitting mat and net together in a package. The premium quality net makes sure you don’t hit the wall or anything else while you hit the full-powered swing. And the durable, perfectly crafted hitting mat allows you to practice without damaging your skill or developing any muscle pain.

With the Net return Pro series, you can hit your irons, drivers, and even wedges with this expertly designed product package. The sturdy, powerful structure of the net can withstand the impact up to 225 MPH easily. Moreover, this is the only golf-hitting net in the whole world that delivers the ball right back to the golfer’s feet.

The Net Return Mini Pro Golf Mat And Net Package

With the Net Return Mini Pro Golf Mat and Net Package, you can practice golf at any time, anywhere you want. It requires the least amount of space, giving the freedom to set up your indoor golf system even in the smallest available space in your house. It is the miniature version of the trusted The Net Return Pro golf series, assuring you the same premium quality, extended durability, and unparalleled performance.

The package brings you a golf hitting mat, practice net, and side barrier netting—all in one place. The package also includes the popular Net Return Pro Turf mat, which is also ideal for putting.

The Net Return is a trusted name among golfers in the space of golf gears. The net and mat packages offered by the brand are all top-quality and you can rely on them with your eyes closed. Think no more! Just go for the best and fulfill your dream of having the perfect home golf setup.