Are you searching for a golf net to safeguard your home and loved ones while you practice?

You could find just what you need with Net Return’s Pro Series V2 Large Golf Net. It is presently the only golf net that can automatically return balls to players’ feet without requiring any action on their part. The upgraded version of the well-known Pro Series Net is called V2. It is a solid and long-lasting choice and gives you hassle-free usage. 

The Large versions, part of Net Return’s most recent Pro Series lineup, are an additional 6 “wide and are 8′, 9′, or 10′ taller than the Pro Series V2 normal net. Three sizes of the Large Pro Series Nets are available to meet the varying preferences of golfers.

These are the different size varieties of the large Pro Series V2 models – 8’W x 8’H x 3’6″D; 9’W x 8’H x 3’6″D; and 10’W x 8’H x 3’6″D.

Features of the Pro Series V2 Large

  • The Pro Series V2 Large has additional netting throughout its construction, which gives users much more durability and toughness. Due to this characteristic, it can readily survive speeds of up to 225 mph and last for many years.


  • The Pro Series V2 Large is outfitted with two practical side wing barriers to ensure that all mishit balls remain inside the hitting area. The velcro attachments that come with the wings make it really simple to put them up.


  • The V2 Large golf net has a black sleeve that wraps around the netting and provides excellent UV protection. It is an improvement over the company’s Pro Series Net’s nylon sleeve. The polyester also helps the net’s weight to be lighter.


  • The New Pro Series Large net has a black powder-coated frame for a more streamlined look.

If the Pro Series Net is being used inside or in a situation where stray balls might possibly be hazardous, side barriers are required. They are necessary for providing one’s loved ones with a high degree of protection.

Useful for Several Sports

Golf and many other sports are ideal with the Pro Series V2 Large net. The net may be used by users to practice baseball, softball, lacrosse, and soccer.


The V2 Large Net provides users with quick-shot feedback, a high degree of performance, and the highest possible standards of quality and durability. The Pro Series Nets from Net Return are handcrafted, rigorously tested, and shown to provide dependable performance.


As long as the balls remain in the striking area, the Pro Series V2 Net’s Universal Side Barriers may provide high levels of safety for users. These are simple to store and transport from one location to another.

You may have a good understanding of what to anticipate from the Pro Series V2 Net using the information provided above. Relying on these nets can help you get more productive practice sessions, and lead to better development of your skills.