The EYE XO is an overhead launch monitor that is famous among players worldwide. It has two incredibly fast cameras as well as various infrared sensors for measuring a variety of club and ball information. The cameras on the EYE XO can record at rates of over 3000 fps, and they power up the EYE XO Optix technology. The display allows users to readily view slow-motion footage of clubs hitting balls.

Some of the most discerning golfers will be impressed by the EYE XO’s features and remarkable accuracy level. It is suitable for both right and left-handed players and is capable of delivering a simple and user-friendly experience. The Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor is fully compatible with the industry-standard golf simulation software, TGC 2019. It offers everything that one might need to become better at taking swings and putts.

Uneekor’s exclusive View application component is included with the EYE XO launch monitor. This programme includes footage from the EYE XO Optix, multiple graphs with dispersal data, and three-dimensional distance and swinging assessment. Players can also choose to upgrade to the company’s other apps, such as Succeed or Refine, which include multiplayer gameplay, along with a range of other features.

Information about Installation

Because the EYE XO is an overhead launch monitor, the setup procedure is almost similar to that of Uneekor’s other popular product, the QED. The detector strip must be securely fastened to the ceiling of a space, having a cable that connects it to a personal computer and power outlets. Uneekor recommends that the mount be fitted correctly by multiple personnel due to extra protection. It must be installed on a level surface that can readily support a load upwards of 30 pounds.

The EYE XO can measure a wide range of data metrics. These include – 

  • Ball speed
  • smash factor
  • apex distance
  • launch angle
  • run
  • carry distance
  • side angle
  • total distance
  • attack angle
  • back spin
  • side spin
  • total angle
  • descent angle
  • attack angle
  • club route
  • club head speed
  • club lie angle
  • club loft angle
  • club face angle
  • dynamic loft
  • club face to path
  • vertical impact point
  • horizontal impact point

The Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor’s precision is remarkably outstanding and fairly equivalent to some other suitable alternatives in the industry. It currently features one of the finest modern image setups found in any launch monitor. The EYE XO is even more precise than the Uneekor QED.

EYE XO Optix Modes

The EYE XO’s Optix technology is divided into three sections:

  • Ball Optix: This shows a close-up view of the location of a ball in relation to a club face, as well as the actual spin of the ball after each stroke.
  • Club Optix: This feature shows the club orientation on contact as well as real-time ball impact club footage in slow motion.
  • Swing Optix: Video recording (multiple angles) with slowed-down playback, as well as sketching tools.

Check out the information provided above to become acquainted with the Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor and its abilities.