Blue Tees, a respected manufacturer, makes a few of the best laser rangefinder products currently accessible to consumers. The S2 Pro and S3 Max are among the best choices, and they’re both readily available. Compare the details of each option below to find which of them fully meets your needs.

S2 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder

Slope technology is state-of-the-art and available in the Blue Tees S2 Pro Slope Golf Laser Rangefinder. It has a straightforward interface that facilitates size adjustments and club choices. Exact readings, cutting-edge engineering, and convenient mobility all come together in the Series 2 Pro. These high-tech rangefinders are designed to enhance playability on the course for players of all ability levels. It may be the missing ingredient in your quest for mastery.

  • Slope: Choosing the ideal club is simple thanks to cutting-edge Slope technology. The Real Distance’s upswing and downswing are used to calculate the Distance parameter.
  • 800-Yard Range: The rangefinder enables you to estimate distance with laser precision for a competitive advantage. With an accuracy of up to +/- 1 yard, you can measure objects as far as 800 yards away.
  • HD Display: This product’s HD display gives consumers a better understanding of the course, and its EZ Optic Focus customization options provide an engaging HD user experience.
  • Flag Lock: The Series 2 rangefinder’s flag lock and pulse vibration let you know when it has latched onto your objective and assist you in getting ready to shoot.
  • Water Resistance: This rangefinder is very water resistant, providing you with full safety in adverse weather allowing you to perform in these kinds of tough circumstances.
  • Warranty: The company provides a two-year warranty that covers any problems.


S3 Max Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Blue Tees S3 Max Golf Laser Rangefinder is up-to-date in every way: it uses cutting-edge technology, has a modern design, is built with high-quality materials, and can withstand any climate.

Magnetic strip, dynamic slope switch innovation, high-definition (HD) display, flag locking and pulse vibrating, auto-ambient technology, and more are all yours at a cost that’s far lower than competing alternatives.


  • Slope: With the innovative Slope technology, picking the perfect club is a breeze. The Actual Distance’s decline and incline are used to get the required Distance.
  • Water Resistance: This device is highly water resistant, offering you complete security in inclement weather so you may play wherever you go.
  • Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration: The S3 Max broadcasts brief buzzing sensations to ensure it has latched onto your objective in a way that gets you ready even before the first shot is made.
  • 900-Yard Range: The rangefinder might provide you an advantage in tournament play by allowing you to estimate distances on the Tour level. Golfers have a +/-1 yard accuracy range for measuring distances as far as 900 yards away.
  • Warranty: The company offers a two-year guarantee that covers any problems.


Compare the features of the two Blue Tees golf rangefinder devices to figure out which one is the best fit for your requirements.