Launch monitors are important devices for the need of any golf simulation enthusiast who wants a hassle-free and vivid experience at home. Two of the top contenders when it comes to monitors today are the SkyTrak and Uneekor QED launch monitor system. Read on to gain a closer look into a comparison of both. 

Uneekor vs SkyTrak Launch Monitors

Uneekor QED launch monitor is a state-of-the-art launch monitor system that is gaining fast popularity among golfers. This system comes at a reasonable price and has an impressive set of features that rivals those of its more pricey alternatives in the market. Some of the standout features of this system include slow-motion impact video footage for giving golf simulation users better analysis. 

The SkyTrak monitor is another powerful system from the popular SkyTrak brand. The system is trusted by a large number of golf enthusiasts as it fulfills their requirements of personal launch monitoring. It offers various convenient features to make at-home golfing a better experience.

Launch Monitor Technology

Photometric technology is the standard for golf simulation monitoring systems. It is utilized by both the SkyTrak and Uneekor QED systems. Both of them are fitted with fast camera systems for capturing every frame or shot. Users can then utilize these images for evaluating their shots and making calculations.

The Uneekor QED and the SkyTrak system are both capable of using photometric technology to deliver precise captures. These launch monitors can be utilized for getting optimal home golfing experiences. Users can access shot data without delay to improve their performances. 

A key difference between the Uneekor QED and the SkyTrak monitor is that the former comes with an additional camera that takes real-time swing videos.

Users of the system can then check the footage in slow motion after a shot has been taken. They are able to study the path of their swings based on impact, and this is a standout feature of the QED. Golfers can use this feature for result verification and gain valuable insight into the events of the shot. Other launch monitors often only offer a cluster of data that can be difficult to analyze. Using the QED video analysis can help golfers take better strokes. 

The QED from Uneekor is also convenient to set up and does not take much time. Another important difference to be aware of is that the QED has a high mounting position on the ceiling above the hitting area, but the SkyTrak launch monitor has to be placed on the ground. Both manufacturers provide instructions to help golfers install the systems with minimum hassle. One can also find easy-to-use guides online for any installation and usage help. 

The Uneekor QED and SkyTrak both come with multiple software options with one of them being basic use, and two others that give users access to more functionality and features. SkyTrak offers some additional challenges and mini-games for users. Compare the features of both systems to ascertain the best choice for your golf simulation needs.