Rapsodo MLM is currently the only launch monitor that relies on an iOS device to deliver instant launch data, active shot tracing, and video replays. Using radar/camera technology, Rapsodo MLM examines a ball’s initial flight to compute both its distance and its trajectory. This launch monitor is convenient due to its small size and excellent set of features.

Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor can measure and offer stats for a number of parameters. These include shot shape, shot distance, launch angle, club speed, launch direction and ball speed. Users can expect a great level of precision from the monitor, and it can help them get better at their game. The Rapsodo MLM is a firm favorite of many skilled and experienced golf simulators across the globe. It offers everything you might need to take your swinging and putting skills to the next level.

Rapsodo MLM Key Features

  • Smart Club Recognition: With this feature, golfers can avoid manually entering their club data. The MLM is able to identify a club as soon as a camera is pointed at it.
  • Games and Accessibility Features: Users can take on other players online or make data related to some of their shots available to their friends or instructors.
  • Shot Library: The MLM is capable of storing your shots and keeping them for review purposes at your convenience. Users can save 100 of their shots for free, and also opt for a paid subscription plan to keep saving all their shots for life.
  • Shot Tracer: With an active tracer on your video replays, you can watch your game like a professional. It will enable you to evaluate ball flight data and shot information to make better decisions.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use: On compatible iOS devices, golfers can now enhance their putting skills with the MLM. It can be used outdoors or a net placed indoors.
  • Club Gapping: To identify which club to hit with on the course, envision your ball flight for every club on a range map.
  • Fast and convenient setup: Users can launch the application and pair their MLM launch monitor through Bluetooth. Then they can start practicing immediately.
  • Fast feedback: Shot Trace, along with Data Overlay are included in the real-time visual feedback, thereby facilitating an easy grasp on the impact of shots. Users can check details such as trajectories, averages, standard deviations, and dispersions for all clubs in their history.

What The Rapsodo MLM Measures

Carry Distance: It is the distance traveled from contact to touchdown.

Launch Direction: Determine how far your shot deviates from the optimum line.

Smash Factor: It is the ratio of ball speed to club speed. The more force you transmit from club to ball, the greater your smash factor.

Ball Speed: The speed at which the ball leaves the ground after impact.

Club Head Speed: The speed of your club just before it hits the ball.

Launch Angle: The angle at which your ball strikes the ball. They’ll be the key factors affecting shot distance, along with ball speed.

Take a look at all the features and specifications given above to know about the Rapsodo MLM.