Every golfer knows the importance of practising. Without the relentless and rigorous hours spent on the hitting bay, landing that perfect swing is never possible. But, reaching a golf course four or five times a week is hardly possible for most of us. The best alternative, in that case, is owning a golf launch monitor. This brilliant piece of technology does not only help to improve your golf skills but also gives you a realistic feel of the golf course.

If you are trying to improve your golf skills, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a good quality launch monitor. The current marketplace offers a wide range of launch monitors that vary in features and price. Hence, it is likely that you wonder which product would be best for you. But, if you are really keen on having the best item for your home golf studio, you should go for the GC2 launch monitor without a doubt. Just go through the detailed review of the product and you will understand why it is regarded as the top launch monitor by golfers around the world.

The Best-In-Class Launch Monitor

GC2 launch monitor is the first-ever golf simulator to use optical ball flight analysis technology, is widely known for its accuracy and game improving features. Rain or Shine Golf, the creators of the GC2 has collaborated with Foresight Sports to offer certified pre-owned launch monitors.

Now, you can use the same launch equipment used by pro golfers at a surprisingly cheaper rate. All the pre-owned items are thoroughly inspected and certified by Foresight so that it meets all the quality standards and gives you complete satisfaction.

It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Besides, the exclusive self-leveling technology provides accurate results while playing outdoors. While indoors, the unit produces accurate results of ball data at impact. The launch monitor measures 9’height X 12’width X 16’depth. So, you can set up the system anywhere with the required dimension.

Full Of Exciting Features

Easy to use: The compact design and simple mechanism of the GC2certfied pre-owned golf launch monitor make it easy to use. It requires no calibration or marked balls to measure your shots. You can simply pull it out of your golf bag and get started wherever, whenever you want.

High level of accuracy: The core technology of GC2 golf launch monitor contains a stereoscopic camera system. It captures all your shot data accurately and analyzes the ball characteristics focusing on the most critical data point—club impact. The high-resolution camera can capture up to 10,00 images per second to give you the best in class accuracy.

Portable: The small size of the monitor and the compact design of the structure make it highly portable and easy to use.

Considering the host of optimum level of accuracy and the host of advanced features, Foresight’s GC2 launch monitor takes the crown without question. Moreover, its unparalleled performance and game-improving support are the best bet for you to hone those coveted shots.