The HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure, sought after by many golfers, is a cutting-edge, fully foldable golf simulator screen. It instantly transforms your garage, living room, basement or bedroom, into a full-fledged indoor simulation space or driving range. With its wireless, battery-based structure, the retractable screen is the most transportable gadget in its segment on the market now. After practice, the convenient design enables users to fold up the enclosure with ease, and restore any room to its original form.

This screen has been made from highly durable and strong material and can survive multiple blows from the hardest hitters utilizing actual golf balls. For protection from mishits, the unit is enclosed by pro-arm and sky netting fences. Golfers of all grades can use this revolutionary tool to study, practice and improve their game at any time.

What you get in the package

  • Retractable Screen
  • Charger Cable
  • Remote
  • Easy Reach Pole
  • Ceiling Mount Kit

Key Features of The HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure

Feel Safe with Arms and Netting

When practicing or playing, golfers can utilize an actual golf ball, and the enclosure’s sky netting and pro-arms offer ample protection. These two components create a barrier that serves to collect unwanted shots. As a result, golfers can ensure a great deal of protection for themselves, others at home, and all objects or furniture around the practice area.

Easy Retractable Design

When HomeCourse’s enclosure is  in use it might seem like a lot of space is being occupied. But as soon as it is rolled up, you get back all your room space. To get back into your practice session, just click a button on the remote provided, and it will open right up. As the enclosure’s motors run on a li-ion battery, you do not have to play around with any wires or attachments. Just recharge the batteries and continue using it.

Get the Feel of a Real Course

For a more authentic on-course feel,the enclosure provides support for projections. Any golf simulator and projector can be used with the setup’s screen. Golfers can enjoy online golf with their peers or just get some solo practice to perfect their skills. One plus point of this enclosure is that you can save a lot as you do not have to get a standalone simulator. This is why the  HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure is a great option for you.

How to Install HomeCourse and What Do you Need

To turn your living room or garage into a golf simulation space or driving range, you need to ensure you meet the space requirements of 8’H x 10’W x 8’D. The HomeCourse Pro Screen can be fastened eight feet above the ground, allowing for ample room to be present for a ball after its hit. Golfers are able to swing freely and not hit any unwanted surface while practicing. For this, there needs to be a front-to-back distance of about 12 feet.

The HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure comes with 1-year of manufacturer warranty for all parts and attachments. Take a look at all the details given above to know what you get.